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title:   adequan                                                          ID:  7
author:   many
description:   pain medication
content:   Re: Gangly Puppies
"Laurie E. W. Brandt"
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 18:14:55 -0400

In message writes:
> Beau is 6 mos. and about 21-22 inches at the shoulders now and about
> 60 lbs. He looks pretty well proportioned now, but is very gimpy.
> His limping continues and seems to be getting worse--all legs seem to
> be involved. We are taking him to an orthopedic specialist for x-
> rays on Thursday. I'm still hoping it is something he will grow out
> of, but at the very least, I hope it is correctable. He's such a
> sweetheart! Cathie, Beau and Ellie in Maryland (where it's finally
> getting cool!)

Crusader went through the samething it seems to be a common problem of most fas t
growing large dogs. Asprin twice a day for pain and inflamation and adiquin(sp)

shots once a week for six weeks to increese the fluid in the joints. Many dogs respond to this theorpy well, Cursader certenly did. Laurie, Jay and Cursader in Austin TX.


BERNER-L Digest 224

Hips that aren't so good
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 15:39:55 -0500

Hi Theresa,

I read your intro. a couple of digests ago & thought how similar your situation with Denali is to my situation with Blitzyn. I hope that our experiences & sucesses will help you out.

When Blitzyn was 6 mos. old (last Aug.) we had him neutered, tattooed & x-rayed - PennHip & elbows. We knew the potential risks with owning a Berner & we wanted to know what we might be dealing with down the road. His elbows looked perfect but his hips came back with results of .73 for the right hip & .54 for the left hip. The ideal for a Berner was .30.

Our vet said not to operate. Blitzyn showed no clinical (physical) signs of bad hips except that he bunny-hopped when he ran. Our vet said get a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon. We did. The surgeon agreed with the vet. We were lucky enough to find two excellent doctors who said don't treat the x-rays, treat the patient. Our treatment of Blitzyn has been to feed him a low protein, low fat diet in order to keep him slim, give him moderate exercise, & through our vet, Blitzyn is part of a study for Adequan. This is an intra-muscular serum that is injected into Blitzyn every other week to thicken up the fluid that surrounds his joints. He started on this study last Sept. & in the middle of Jan. he had the PennHip x-rays taken again. His right hip came back with a .59 & his left hip a .48. We could not have been happier!

I don't know where you live, but your vet should be familiar with Adequan. If he/she is not, then let me know & my vet will give me the literature to send to you.

We also have a six month old female who was just spayed, tattooed & x-rayed. Her x-rays came back with a .56 for the right hip & a .60 for the left one. She too will have the Adequan shots now.

This is not the solution to bad hips - only breeding can solve that - but this may be all that some dogs need to prevent them from getting DJD. Some dogs, regrettably, may need TPO's or total hip replacements. I am hoping that this non-invasive correction may be all that my dogs will ever need, but if not, then this will hopefully put off surgery for a while longer.

I wish for Denali all of the good luck I seem to be having with Blitzyn & hope to have with Donder.

Debbie Rea in Wakefield,Massachusetts


BERNER-L Digest 302

Re: Help for Julee
Wed, 8 May 1996 14:02:41 -0400

In a message dated 96-05-07 21:36:25 EDT, (K. Jaffe) writes:

We have been using GlycoFlex tablets to aid in combating arthritis in my 90 lb. Rottie - as have several people on the Rottie-l and the SamFans lists. It is Less expensive, but
slower acting than Adequine. The tablets are a combination of the tissues of a mussel, alfalfa and brewers yeast and when they do the job, they increase the quantity and the viscosity of the lubicating fluid in the joints. It does take 3-6 weeks of dosing however, to notice any effect. My dog thinks they are treats and sits in front of the shelf where they are kept until she gets hers. I split her dose into two, two tablets in the morning, two in the evening. The tablets are available as a food supplement from KV Vet supply and the suggested maintenance dose is 300 mg/15 lbs daily. The initial dose is twice the maintenance and this is tapered off after 10 days.

While waiting for the Glycoflex to take effect, I used one aspirin (preferable Ascriptin with the Maalox in it) morning and evening when needed for pain. I wish your brother and Woody, good luck.

Anne C. and Tyval, TDX, HIC & Flash


Re: Help for Julee (Melissa Bartlett)
Wed, 8 May 1996 21:40:14 -0700

Dear Julie
i tried adequen with Panda who has bad dysplasia. She seemed to get some relief but not dramatically so. At one point I had a vet who worked with racehorses do accupuncture and moxi (smoke and heat treatment) for 6 weeks on Panda and it seemed to help quite a bit for reducing pain and getting around. It was a little improvement each week. It wasn't cheap either and it's hard to find an experienced person to do the treatments.

melissa bartlett


intro - help for Julee
William Cummings
09 May 96 00:44:30 EDT

I'm another lurker and cyberphobic, too - so here goes (hope this works & gets to the right place!) I'm Susanne Cummings and live with my family (husband, 2 sons, 6 1/2 yr. old Berner "Kelly" - a Dallybeck/Reho kid, 4 yr. ol d Golden "Whoopi" and 2 cats) in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. We've loved Berners from afar for a long time but have had them since 1985 and Goldens sinc e 1969. I'm also a vet tech. I've been enjoying the Berner-l very much. Jim & Peggy Barrett's Pippin & Atlas are two of my "kids" (actually Kelly's) - hi Jim !

Julee had asked about her brother's arthritic Golden... Is the vet sure it's arthritis? Has he ruled out a cruciate ligament tear? We've had some success at the animal hospital where I work using Adequan. It's helped some dogs, not all. In some severe cases we've used a series of Adequan inj. followed by long term (forever) use of Glycoflex (oral). If I were going to use only one thing (because of cost ,etc.), I would use Glycoflex. It seems to help most dogs a lot. You have to give it some time - a couple of weeks to a month before you can really tell how much good it's going to do. We've had very impressive results in most who use it. Also, be very careful using aspirin. Regular long term use of aspirin often leads to bleeding stomach ulcers. If you are going t o
use it, it should be Buffered aspirin and I would follow the vet's recommendations - twice a day, every day aspirin long term is bad news! Hope this helps & good luck!
-Sorry this is so long Big Berner Wags - Susanne
date:   30-Sep-2003

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