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title:   aseptic meningitis                                                          ID:  9
author:   many
description:   aseptic meningitis
content:   Fw: Meningitis
"Jeanne Schoech"
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 09:04:22 -0800

Hi Pat,

I know you have a really full plate right now, but felt you might be

interested in my post to Nikki and Dana. If I have given any misinformation that you know of, please let me know! Thanks. Jeanne

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Re: Meningitis
"Jeanne Schoech"

> Dear Nikki and Dana,
> So very sorry to learn about your Edgar's problems with meningitis.
> Hank had asetpic meningitis and I'll cut & paste the "blurb" I put


> about Hank's asetpic meningitis for Animal Planet feature on BMDs. The show

> is to air Feb. 17th and should cover briefly/in part aseptic meningitis. I

> am assuming aseptic meningitis is what you are dealing with. It is indeed a

> scarie thing. Please keep in mind the recovery rate is very good. Yes, it

> is true some dogs must be on lifetime support of steroids (minimal dosage),

> but the majority eventually recover. I think one of the things that make
> this particularly difficult is that every dog seems to react a bit
> differently.
> We did have a spinal tap done on Hank after a particularly nasty
> relapse. This was done by a neurologist in Denver who had extensive
> experience with asepic meningits in Beagles. However, the tap was
> inconclusive due to Hank having been on steroid treatment. We also saw an
> auto immune specialist afew months later who recommended we stop the
> steroids, let Hank become symtomatic and run tests again. I was not

> to do this as Hank was maintaining on the pred by this time and remembered
> far too well the excruciating pain "becoming symtomatic" meant for him.
> There is another med, Immuran, which has proved help in some cases. Your
> vet is the best source to ask about this. Also, we used some homeopathic
> meds/remedies with the initial onset that I believe were extremely

> I obtained these thru Marina Zacharias and
> followed her recommendations after a phone consult with her. There is

> information about meningitis on the Berner L home page under health links
> (page one) at
> Hum... Some of this is a repeat of the following or of what you may have
> already learned. Sorry- Just trying to cover the bases... I am by no

> an expert on aseptic meningitis. Just someone who has traveled this road
> and know how much the support and input from others meant to me. If you
> have any questions or even just need to talk, please don't hesitiate to
> contact me. Email is and my phone # is 719-539-0429,
> afternoon or evening. I am and will be sending thoughts of healing and
> health for Edgar. Please keep me posted. Jeanne Schoech, Salida, CO
> Hank became symptomatic of aseptic meningitis at 3 months of age. These
> symptoms were stiffness of gait, lack of appetite, unable to bend his neck
> (curved back), and fever. A call to the breeder alerted us of aseptic
> meningitis within the line and a visit to the Buena Vista Vet Clinic &

> work confirmed the a. meningitis. Steroid (Prednisone) treatment was begun

> immediately with positive results. Ft. Collins Veterinary School was
> consulted by our veterinary doctor as well. Homeopathic support was also
> used for approximately 2 months of the treatment. The standard treatment
> for a. meningitis is prednisone with gradual reduction of dosage. For

> the reduction of steroids proved somewhat difficult; perhaps because he was

> growing so rapidly. Hank's steroid treatment began July 30, 1998 and ended

> December 1999. During this time he experienced several minor relapses: I
> would notice a falling off of his appetite or stiffness in gait, pale

> or seemingly difficulty in swallowing. After a call to Dr. Kettering, we
> would increase the steroid dosage (minimal) with good results. Hank also
> experienced 2 major relapses after reduction. The worst crisis was Dec.
> 1998 with all of the above symptoms (as well as extreme pain) returning.

> that time we consulted with Dr. Patricia Luttgren in Denver for a spinal
> tap. With an increase of steroids Hank returned to non-symptomatic.
> Another major relapse occurred in Feb. of 99. Again, with steroid

> Hank recovered. From this point we were able to continue reducing the
> steroids very gradually with ceasing treatment Dec. 99. Hank has not been
> symptomatic from that date and continues to do well. Side effects of
> steroid use were increase in appetite and thirst as well as dullness in

> coat. We did have to watch his weight and the need for more water made
> housetraining somewhat more difficult (thou we made it!). Long term use

> steroids can be very damaging. However, Hank was never on a very large
> steroid dose as compared to dosages of older dogs experiencing an initial
> onset of a. meningitis. To date, he has not experience any difficulty.
> Hank was neutered in April 2000. We had his hips x-rayed at that time

> sent the pictures to OFA for evaluation. That evaluation returned "mild hip

> dysphasia." Hank had not and continues to show no symptoms or problems
> with his hips. However, we are trying to support his health by the
> following:
> -Feeding a quality dog kibble in addition of yogurt, vegetables, raw

> and fruit.
> -Exercise by walking, playing, and training classes
> -Limit the stress on joints of jumping by helping him in & out of

> etc.
> -Use of vitamins C, omega acids, and glucosamine
> In both instances, I felt the necessity of seeking as much information as
> possible about these health issues. Thanks to a network of caring people
> (our local veterinarian, Hank's breeder, several Colorado breeders, a
> Florida breeder, as well as the Berner L, Bernese Mt. Dog Internet mailing
> list) information and support was available, helpful, and valued beyond
> words.
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> From: "Dana and Nikki Walsh"
> To:
> Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 6:03 PM
> Subject: RE: Meningitis
> > Hi Jeanne, thank you for offering to send us some info about aseptic
> > meningitis, that would be wonderful!! We don't know a whole lot about
> > meningitis yet, so we'd love to get our hand on as much info as we can.
> > Sounds like your Berner, Hank, had it too. . . our breeder just sent an
> > e-mail about a Berner she had several eyars ago with this as well. So,
> it's
> > good to hear that others have had to deal with this and made it through
> the
> > long tough road. Here is our snail mail:
> > Nikki and Dand Walsh
> > 2500 Westcliffe Drive
> > Burnsville, MN 55306
> > Thanks again Jeanne, we really appreciate your offer to send us info.
> > Snuggles and belly rubs to Hank :)
> > Nikki, Dana and Edgar
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Pat Long & Paul Dangel mailto:[]
> > Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 12:15 PM
> > To: Jeanne Schoech;
> > Subject: Re: Meningitis
> >
> >
> > Jeanne,
> >
> > I'm copying Nikki and Dana on this too, so they can send you their snail
> > mail
> > address if they think this will help. I also sent them copies I've
> collected
> > of
> > articles on the topic as well, so hopefully they'll have a good bit to
> read
> > through at this point! Thank you so much for the offer, and I do
> appreciate
> > it,
> > and I'm sure they will too! Hugs and bellyrubs to Hank, I'm so glad he's
> > doing
> > so well!!
> >
> > Meningitis is an inflamation of the coverings of the nerves, the

> > and
> > it can be caused by many things - viral, bacterial, toxic, so it will be
> > hard
> > to determine if this becomes a problem in the breed. But we'll keep our
> ears
> > open!!
> >
> > Pat
> >
> >
> > Jeanne Schoech wrote:
> >
> > > Hi Pat,
> > > I have some printed material on aseptic meningitis which I will be
> > more
> > > than happy to snail mail. And, ofcourse, Hank's experience with a.
> > > meningitis. He is fine now, but it was a long row. If it isn't on

> > > cutting room floor, this should be covered briefly on Animal Planet's
> > Breed
> > > All About It next Sat., Feb. 17th. This is two Berners in one week I
> know
> > > of with this problem and about 6 in the yr. or so since I first
> contacted
> > > you. Hope sooooo this isn't a growing concern with our beloved
date:   30-Sep-2003

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