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From Pat Long:
Doug Smith is a very special sort of person. When an idea for keeping a list of people who would want to take in an older or a special needs Berner was developed, Doug jumped right in and took on the job. He's worked hard at it over the years, and everyone knew that they could contact Doug for help in rehoming an older dog, or find a possible home for a blind dog. I didn't realize that he's helped find 15 Berners new homes, but I think that's just fantastic! People like Doug make being in Berners as rewarding an experience as it gets. Caring about the older Berners is something that I think all of us find important. But Doug went the extra step to find a way to help when help was needed. Doug - thank you! From the very bottom of my heart.

From Doug:
I am very happy to announce that Sylvia Katvala will be taking over the Elder Berner Referral List. I thank all who have helped me in this effort in taking in older Berners and those who offered their moral support. I also thank Pat Long for trusting me with this responsibility

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