The Basics

This mailing list, like most, is "self serve." This means that each subscriber is expected to maintain their own account. Don't worry ... every common task, including unsubscribing from the list or changing your email address, can be accomplished at the group website:

Please save the email address in case you wish to leave the list (gasp!) for any reason:

You can also contact the List Co-Owner at:

Helpful Tips

If you wish to leave the mailing list (unsubscribe), change your email address, change your delivery format, or temporarily postpone list messages (for vacations or other extended absences), please use the commands provided by Yahoo! Groups, go into My Groups, then select Edit My Groups. You can switch from individual emails to daily digest, and postpone or delete right from that screen.

Please observe basic mailing list etiquette by following these simple guidelines for all messages sent to the list:

* please send messages in plain text ONLY

* the topic of our list is the Bernese Mountain Dog and related canine off-topic messages;

* all messages sent to the list should be of interest to the whole personal messages;

* use a subject line that describes the content of your message;

* if you have an email "signature" try to keep it less than four lines total;

* never send address changes, unsubscribe requests or test messages to the list...instead, use the commands on the Yahoo! Groups page; and

* be courteous and polite to others, even if you disagree with them.

Don't be afraid to contribute to a discussion, especially if you have a unique experience or level of knowledge. By the same token, don't feel as though you need to contribute to every topic discussed on the list. Never send chain letters, virus alerts, or private email to any mailing list.

If you are replying to an earlier message, always edit your response to quote only the portion of the prior message that you are addressing. Digest recipients should be particularly careful in replying to list messages to AVOID resending the entire digest.

It is a violation of Berner-L rules to send pictures, programs or other files to the list. These types of attachments are *never* appropriate for our mailing list. There are no exceptions. If you wish to share your photos or other files with list subscribers, then make the files available on your web site, and post the address on the mailing list.


The mailing list archive is located at and should be your first stop in case you miss a digest or want to search for a recent discussion.

Terms of Participation

Please review the following rules, policies and guidelines regarding your participation on the Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE NOW. By remaining on the list, you are deemed to consent to these terms.

The Bernese Mountain Mailing List (the "List" or "Berner-L") is intended for the non-profit use and pleasure of the Internet community. All participants on the mailing list are expected to comport themselves in a mature and considerate manner.

Repeated or flagrant abuses of any rule, policy or guideline may be grounds for termination of posting privileges and/or temporary or permanent suspension from the List. In fact, anything really mean, hurtful, disruptive, nasty or cruel will get you kicked off the List. Berner-L is a nice place to have discussions about Berners ... please keep it that way.

The use of vulgar, lewd, or indecent language on the List is prohibited.

The obligation to treat fellow subscribers in a mature and polite manner is not confined to the mailing list alone. Inflamatory, abusive or inappropriate communications directed to a subscriber off the list are just as damaging to the Berner-L community spirit as a similar offensive message posted for all to see. Thus, the policies of this mailing list apply to all forms of communication between subscribers. If you believe that someone has violated list policy in an off-list communication to you, it is your decision whether to take action or ignore the infraction. Send any complaints to the list administrator.

Assume that your children, your boss, and your mother read your posts. For all you know, they just might. Also, avoid using sarcasm on the List. Sarcasm in an email message often comes across as hostility or arrogance.

Commercial use of the List, other than limited posts from breeders, is prohibited without the prior approval of the list administrator. And don't even bother asking for permission. If you're looking to sell your products and services, look elsewhere. You can tell people about a great product or web page you found, but only if you don't have a financial interest (i.e., only *impartial* product recommendations please).

The mailing list is not a place to find puppies or offer your dog for mating services. You may seek referrals or breeder recommendations via the List, but please provide a full description of your needs, circumstances and expectations to help others make meaningful suggestions.

Litter announcements are permitted, but should not be deemed or intended as an offer to place the puppies.

The topic of the List is the Bernese Mountain Dog and related canine matters ... no off-topic messages. Other topics may be interesting, important or timely...but that does not make them appropriate for our List. All messages sent to the List should be of interest to the whole group, i.e., don't sent personal messages via the List. Never send virus alerts or chain letters to the List.

Don't post messages typed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered "SCREAMING" at people and this really sets some people on edge. Don't reply to a message with "I agree" or "me too." Any reply or follow-up message to the List should expand upon the prior discussion.

Don't send very large messages or attachments to the List. Never send pictures, files, or programs to the List. AVOID using any fancy formatting (such as different fonts, colors, etc.) ... they just don't work on a mailing list, and may make your message unreadable.

Always sign your messages with your name, email address and where you live. Add other information if you wish, but, keep your signature to four lines or less.

The administrator of the List is Matthew N. Kleiman. Pat Long is the co-administrator ( . All decisions of the list administrators are final. Participation on the List is a privilege and license granted by the list administrators, not a right. It may be withdrawn at any time, at the sole discretion of the list administrators. The List is not a democracy, an autocracy, or even a meritocracy. It is, at best, a benevolent authoritarian dictatorship.

Additional rules, policies, guidelines, etc. may be posted on the List from time to time. Please contact Pat Long ( if you have any questions regarding conduct on the List.

Try to be as kind, forgiving, patient and understanding as a Berner. Bernese Mountain Dogs *don't* write nasty emails or insult others ... and neither should their owners and fans. Berners are stubborn and loyal, true, but also sweet and caring. If everyone acted like a Berner,

it would be a wonderful world ... although there'd be a lot of hair flying around.

Have fun.

List Administrators

Finally, a word from the list administrators...

As list administrator and author of the Berner Home Page, I welcome you to the Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List. I hope that you -- and the whole Berner internet community -- find the mailing list to be a valuable and enjoyable resource. A mailing list is only as good as its members, so please be an active contributor!

- Matthew N. Kleiman

As list co-administrator, I'm trying to keep the list just as

valuable and enjoyable as Matt intends it to be. Please help me

in that effort, and if you are in need of assistance, please

contact me, at

- Pat Long