from the berner-l

For those following our saga with our Golden and his lymphoma, I have good news. Murphy had his first chemo on Friday and Saturday. He is well into remission and his vigor has returned. He is wagging his tail and barking at us and his brothers and full of mischief as he was before this started. Murphy had taken a bad down turn Thursday but luckily his biopsy results also came in that day so we could get started right away with the chemo.

We are going to use the Madison Wisconsin protocol to treat him. Our vet has had positive experiences with this and especially on Goldens. We will continue this treatment as long as the side effects are minimal or none and reevaluate if the are complications. We are also going to use herbal and vitamin supplements to help him with the chemo and it's side effects but we are waiting another week before starting anything different for him beyond the chemo. He has always had IBD so we want to keep the changes to a minimum until we see how the chemo affects him. So far his IBD has not shown up and that may be due to the use of Prednisone which is an adjunct treatment along with the chemo.

Paula and I thank all of you who have sent your support and especially those who have sent experiences and examples of different treatments and the results. You have helped us greatly in getting to this point.