AKC/CHF BMDCA Donor Advised Fund - tax deductible donations can be sent to this fund. The CHF reviews scientific health related studies through a rigorous evaluation process. Studies it approves which might be of value to BMD's are reviewed by the BMDCA health committee. The Health Committee recommends ome of these studies to the BMDCA board which ultimately decides which studies the funds in the AKC CHF BMDCA Donor Advised Fund will be used to support. Make your check payable to CHF, but on the memo line mark it for the BMDCA Donor Advised Fund. See

BARC - Berner Auction Rescue Coalition - tax deductible donations can be sent to help cover the cost of rescuing Berners who are being auctioned or sold in situations where they could wind up in puppy mills. See

BEHAF - Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund - donations can be sent to help cover unexpected emergency costs for Berner owners, or to a specific fund set up for a BEHAF Special Friend. See

Berner-Garde - tax deductible donations can be sent to the foundation that was established to help reduce genetic disease in the BMD. Berner-Garde maintains a database of disease incidence. See

Berner-L Brag Fund - donations can be sent to any specific fund, or payable to Pat Long (and those will be used to fund Health efforts, currently by being sent to the AKC/CHF BMDCA donor advised fund, or to any other fund of your choice). This is a voluntary donation; all brags are enjoyed on the Berner-L whether you wish to donate or not!!

BLEF - Berner-L Education Fund - send a check payable to Pat Long or to Lesley Rouillier to help finance educational efforts. Baseball cards and copies of a Poster based on the Dog World ad are available to help finance this fund, as well as some other posters for display at dog events. Contact Pat Long, for details.

BMDCA Health Fund - donations can be sent to be used for funding health studies. (Donations are not tax deductible at this time.) Make your donation to the BMDCA Health Fund and send it to the BMDCA treasurer. Contact for information.

BMDCA Rescue Fund - donations can be sent to be used for assisting any BMDCA approved rescue in need of assistance. Clip art sales for the 1999 and 2001 disks will be funding this. (Donations are not tax deductible at this time.) Contact Pat Long, for clip art, or make your donation to the BMDCA Rescue and send it to the BMDCA treasurer. Also consider donations to your regional club rescue fund, they are the ones that do the bulk of the work. Donate time, money, crates, blankets, leashes they can always use it! Want to foster for the dogs? Volunteer! Want to adopt a rescue? Let them know! See for regional and international club information.

Jim Johnson has his real estate license in Colorado. If someone from the "L", a local club, etc. refers him to a client and he closes a deal, he will donate 25% of the commision back to the BMD cause of their choice and an additional 25% to a BMD cause of his choice, so a total of 50% of his total commission will go to BMD charities. Contact Jim at

Patt Wiegand is offering her collar covers to benefit BARC. Please visit the Canterbury Tails web site at:

Pippa loves Berners, and she loves making things of all kinds. With this in mind, Pippa will donate 2.5% of her proceeds from the sale of her hand-crafted items. Another 2.5% will go to BEHAF. Contact Pippa at:

Ray Burgett will donate his total commission from any "new customer" orders from his Flint River Ranch Premium Pet Food order page to BARC. Ray estimates that will work out to 15 3/4 % of the total sales. Ray tells us this can only apply to new customers of FRR, so if you are thinking about feeding Flint River Ranch or are ready to make the switch, visit Ray's web site at to benefit the rescue effort and your dog.

Any items that you purchase from will result in money being donated to the BMDCA Health Fund if you enter through Wendy Beard's Boris Books at:

Wendy Beard's Berner, Boris, has dedicated his free time to reading these books and has great pleasure in recommending books to you. In order to make your choice a little easier he has included comments from some of the berner-l members. Even he, as a humble dog, knows that your pockets aren't bottomless. However, should you decide that you must have some of these books for your own personal library then follow the links provided on the website and you will help Bernese Mountain Dogs far and wide, as any commission earned on the sale of these books through this web site will go to The BMDCA Health Fund.

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