I just got home from a short trip visiting my stepson and his family.

As I live alone and do not have relatives in the area and didn't think I wanted to leave my dogs alone in the house with a just a pet sitter coming by a couple of time a day - I left my two dogs at Pet Lodges. Both were very clean - just had baths within the last 2 weeks before being dropped off - I had signed up for doggy day care each day at an additional $25 per dog per day so they would be occupied and not just sitting in a kennel. I had been checking my computer to see the dogs in doggy day care and never saw my two dogs with the doggy day care dogs. My grandaughter loves to watch them in my computer when I visit. To my horror when I picked them up a couple of hours ago both were filthy - Handsome had a horrible hot spot under his chin which wasn't immediately noticable but the brown and wet of his with bib - which was spotless 4 days earlier was!!

Frankly I am tempted to stop payment on the $336. check I just wrote - but instead I am planning on letting as many pet owners I know about Pet Lodges. I think the care they have received was terrible - there was no obvious consideration of their health and welfare while there.

Without doubt my conversation with Pet Lodges will continue tomorrow with the General manager - but if people can make better arrangements for their dogs care they should do so - I will be shopping around for future trips. Any suggestions will be appreciated - but -- please spread the word Pet Lodges provides very poor care and should not be patronized by any one who truly loves their pets!