from the berner-l

"counter surfing"

Whenever asked about Gunner's titles I just tell people he has a CSX (Counter Surfer Excellent), Mattie had the AKC titles.

Gunner learned from Mattie when you hear mom coming don't be caught with your front paws on the counter and big grin on your face. Mattie taught him to nonchalantly walk away and don't make eye contact with mom, she'll never know what you did.

One time I made some homemade chicken, boiled a chicken in the pot and cut al the good white meat off, which took a long time. I had all the cut up chicken in a bowl on the counter. Then I remembered to put something from the washer to the dryer upstairs, leaving the chicken in the bowl on the counter. That wasn't very smart of me. When I came down to put the chicken in the broth I saw a very clean glass bowl and thought where is the chicken. I knew I had just cut it up but I couldn't find it, I thought I was in the twilight zone. Gunner who had been in the kitchen with me the whole time was in the family room, not looking at me and trying to take a nap. Then it hit me, he has learned very well from Mattie, I never even heard the slightest sound, plus he was quick. He's so big he was able to get his head in the bowl without even moving it.

I ended up going to the grocery store and getting a rotisserie chicken, that I had to cut up again. The clerk, after hearing my story, felt sorry for me and gave me a second chicken free.

I learned not to trust my goofy boy no matter how sweet his big brown eyes are. I don't give him those opportunities anymore.

Sunday, we celebrated my birthday with an ice cream cake of course. Well you know how you have to leave it out for a little bit so you can cut it - well Juniper and his cousin (Mischief - yes that is her name) thought they had to taste it to make sure it wasn't poisonous for us humans. They ever so quietly licked the one side of the cake about 2 inches deep. There were 7 people in our house at the time and no one ever saw or heard a thing! Since it was a special occasion they both got away with it and we only ate half a cake!