My friend's Berner boy "Bramble" suffered from the same yeast problem. For years upon years. Until somone recommended a herbal powder called "Thornit". Has been around since 1938 or something like that. Doesn't contain antibiotics but - if memory serves - zinx oxide and boric acid. Worked brilliantly. If on occasion he had another flareup - say, after swimming or getting his ears wet - she simply applied the product for a couple of days and all was well again. Nothing else ever worked.

Google it there are tons of links. If you can't obtain it in the US or the shipping costs are ludicrous mail me and I'll send you some from here. Incidentally, although I have no first hand experience with Thornit, on the strength of her success I suggested it to my Spaniel owning friends....who now also swear by it.

Sadly can't comment on Primal Defense, though!

Is what you described ALL of the treatments tried by your holistic vet? I ask because normally when a dog is showing chronic yeast in the ears - and presuming you are not also seeing other chronic yeast issues in the skin, anal and vaginal areas, and lungs/respiratory, then it is a "triggered" condition.

With yeast, the understanding is that we need to improve the overall system and rid the yeast which comes from within. If there is a chronic imbalance, we need to correct this. With many dogs, this take a cleansing diet, and other remedies to cleanse the system and rebalance it, but it doesn't sound like a concerted effort by your vet has been taken along this path.

The Whole Dog Journal just did a great article on yeast, with a comprehensive checklist of yeast systems and guidance on how to do this....if you don't have it, I will look to see if I can share some of it.

If not a chronic system issue, it can also be a symptom of food intolerance that pushes a "delicate" balance over the edge. This would still suggest a system that is less than truly balanced, but may just always need careful management to maintain the delicate balance. I have one of these here with me - Gracie. Gracie has had years of holistic and homeopathic treatment to accomplish the above, and generally is in good health. No coat, skin, anal, vaginal etc. issues BUT she DOES have a sugar/starch intolerance and if she eats things like carrots or potato - very high starch and sugary foods - her ears will turn yeasty. This is her metabolic imbalance and we have been unable to truly cure this so far in her almost 7 years. At this point, I accept that this may be her system and what we have to work with - so she doesn't get sugar except for blueberries, which she can handle.

So consider the foods you are feeding that are feeding the yeast - and be sure to eliminate these until you resolve the issue, or if a true intolerance, perhaps for life.

If not food related, then a more comprehensive treatment plan is needed to address his system and a product or two likely won't be the solution.

A good probiotic, like Primal Defense is a great addition regardless for dogs like this so certainly consider adding it to the repertoire. And I will look for that WDJ article.

In people constant yeast problems can come with diabetes or pre diabetic condition. I wonder if you should have your vet check for diabetes. And with people when treating a yeast infection you need to not do sugars and foods that are naturaly sweet. the sugars feed the yeast.

Please stop putting alcohol in dogs ears! First of all it's suppressive second of all, if I have inflamed ears, isopropyl alcohol is going to sting like the dickens.

It is a great recipe, but substitute the alcohol for witch hazel.


16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol

4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder

16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

I have a bitch that is now 6 and have been fighting this for years. She has an allergy to chicken and has had to stay away from it for years. Turkey and duck are ok in small portions. I had ner groomed a few months ago by another berner owner and friend and she used the k9 health solution that you can by at amazon. She has not had a flair up since then. I attribute to the gentian violet in the solution. It is purple and you have to watch the head shake or the white will change to purple. It does have a lot of alcohol in it so I would avoid it if her ears are open and raw. I think this stuff in incredible. We have done zymox,otomax and the other stronger version of otomax and after 3 weeks we were back to ground zero. I would try the k9 health solution, good luck I know how frustrated you can get.

Ear Remedy:

it's called diver's alcohol and the main purpose is to keep the ears dry. Take a plastic bottle with a flip up lip...the easier to pour into the ear.

Ingredients: vodka (cheap) boric acid powder

I use an 8 oz bottle and fill with about 6-1/2 oz of vodka. Into the vodka put about a tablespoon of boric acid powder and shake vigorously. Actually I make a saturated solution so keep adding the powder until it no longer dissolves. Squirt into the ear and massage, let them shake their heads and sneeze, then wipe out with cotton pads. If there's a lot of gunk, do this twice a day. Works for sore ears and infection.

Now, if there's a yeast problem the ingredients change a bit

Ingredients: vodka (cheap) boric acid powder unfiltered unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from the Health Food Store.

In that 8 oz plastic bottle put 4 oz of vodka, 2 oz of acv, and the tablespoon of boric acid powder. Do not saturate the solution. Proceed with treatment as above 3x daily. This cleared up Merlin's yeast problem in about a week. After yeast clears up, go back to the solution without the acv and use it about once a week.

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