1. Your alter ego is Felix Unger.

2. You are already a member of the *clown* division of Ringling Bros. and

have no need for further amusement or laughter.

3. Your life is already filled to the rim , in fact, overflowing with

adoring glances and unconditional love.

4. You already know everything there is to know in life about being a loyal

and best friend .

5. Compassion and trust are not in your dictionary of words to live by.

6. Being able to lay around and do nothing all day, but be close to the one

you adore, doesn't interest you.

7. You hate the snow.

8 You hate early morning walks before the sun comes up, totally mesmerized

by the freshness , the smells and the peace of a brand new day.

9. You have no interest in sitting and watching dancing fireflys on a humid

summer night with your best friend.

10. You have no need for someone who will always be there when you need to

"vent" and not pass judgement.

11. You already have those that think you are the most wonderful, brilliant

creature ever to walk the earth.

12. You have no voids in your life that need filling.

13. You have no use for a true soulmate.

My list goes on and on...but those are a few reasons I think most of us can

relate to.