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For the most current information on bloat research see the section above titled Research Updates on CGDV (Bloat).

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The topic of bloat and/or torsion conjures up a multitude of feelings for any b> I lost my first Dane to bloat/torsion 34 years ago and it changed my life


No specific diet or dietary ingredient has been proven to be associated with bloat. Some factors found to increase and decrease the risk of bloat are listed

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Bloat, Torsion. Gastric dilatationvolvulus (GDV). Call it what you will, this is a serious, lifethreatening condition of large breed dogs.

Bloat First Aid

First Aid treatment for bloat and torsion (GDV). How to make a first aid kit.

The Bloat Book

I highly recommend everyone discuss bloat first aid procedures with their personal veterinarians and follow their advice explicitly."

Gastric Torsion and Bloat in dogs

Bloat is caused by too much gas or fluid in the stomach. This gas can extend the stomach causing gastric dilation. If the stomach partially rotates its

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Several times a week I receive a phone call from someone whose dog has died of bloat. Usually my role is to provide a sympathetic ear and assure the callers


Bloat in dogs is a lifethreatening condition that requires immediate veterinary care. Also known as gastric dilatation, gastric dilatationvolvulus (GDV),