from the berner-l

Over 15 years ago, we adopted a beautiful English Springer Spaniel puppy (she crossed the bridge two years ago, bless her beautiful heart). Anyway, we took her home and all of us loved her to extremes, but never got around to taking her to obedience or to play with other puppies or dogs -- EVER! She was absolutely marvelous with people, and we never had a problem with her obedience or manners in any situation.

However, she never learned to PLAY! She completely ignored all other dogs, much preferring to be with her human family members. I think she didn't know she was a dog. She played "fetch" with us and loved to run around exploring stuff, but didn't have a clue how to relate to other dogs. Near the end of her life, when we brought our granddog into our home, it was months before she responded to his affectionate and playful overtures. It's sad how she missed out on that sort of thing for all the years before, just because we never socialized her with other dogs.

I guess there are worse things! But I wish we had known better back then -- her life would have been richer.