The Berner-l on Vacuums

I just wanted to tell you about a nifty gadget that I have in my new "built with Berners in mind" house. When the Central Vac installer came to hook up the vacuum, he asked if I wanted a Vacpan. I had never heard of one but when he described it to me, I said Yes. It is a kick panel that is inserted in the baseboard. Mine is under the kitchen cupboards. When I push it open with my foot, it activates the central vac and I can sweep the day's accumulation of Berner hair right into the central vac system instead of into a dustpan. I imagine it would be not too complicated to add to an existing system. Ours is Hoover, but probably any type could handle it.

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Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 08:43:01 -0500 (EST) From: To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:

We have a middle-of-the-road Sears cannister vacuum and have no complaints. However, my sister-in-law went all-out investigating vacuum cleaners when she needed a new one recently. She has long-haired cats and a light carpet. She swears by her top-of-the-line Eureka from the around-the-world series. It is fairly quiet, too.

Happy New Year! Sue Brightman Arundel Kennels (upstate NY)


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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 06:12:42 -0800 From: (cathy burlile ) To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:


As far as the vacuum goes, I have a Kirby that I have been "abusing" with dog hair, etc., for almost 10 years now. It's still going strong. It also has wonderful attachments for shampooing the carpet and cleaning upholestry.

It picks up dog hair very well as it has a set of brushes on the "beater bar." You do have to clean this when you change the vacuum bag to keep it rotating like it should.

If my Kirby ever "gives up on me," I'll be finding a salesman to buy another :)

Tailwags, Cathy Burlile, Memories BMDs


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 09:19:28 -0500 (EST) From: (Beverly Barney) To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:

I have two questions for all of you. First, have any of you found a vacuum cleaner that works better than my standard 7amp vac when it comes to picking up Berner hair? We have lovely light cream carpet (YIKES!) and I can't pick it up without spending an hour with our shop vac and a wet washcloth. I'll take any suggestions. I should also admit that I am not an every-day vacuumer, although I admire those of you who pull the vac out that often.

It took me about 20 years to figure out that I could clean the hairs off the rugs faster by taking a pin or slicker brush and brush the rug. Of course this is done on hands and knees but goes very quickly. I have to clean the brush out every few minutes and cannot believe there was that much hair on the rug. I'm sure someone else has figured out an even better way but this does work.

Bev Barney, Lyme, NH


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 96 11:06:41 EST From: molly bass To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:

That's the vacuum I have and it is MARVELOUS!!!! Plus, it has attachments for getting the Berner fur off the ceiling fans, cabinets, chandelier, etc. I also use it on the dogs. Bogen loves it, especially when he is blowing coat.

Another helpful hint, when I really start to notice that no matter how much I vacuuum, I can't defeat the Berner fur, I usually can determine which dog, if not both dogs, is shedding. Right now it is Bogen and he looks silly. He's never "blown" coat before and now he looks like this waify thing instead of the big manly dog he is! Anyway, get a pippin (?) comb. It looks like a rake with all tongs about 3/4 inch long. I have one that it teflon coated which seems to be a little gentler on the hair. Bogen loves it. And, if he is blowing coat, he itches. So, the rake is welcomed! I spent 30 minutes over Christmas brushing him and got most of his coat. I noticed this morning he is blowing the rest so the comb will come out tonight. Once I finish brushing, he doesn't shed nearly as bad. Less shedding = less vacuuming! So, try hurrying up the shedding with a pippin comb and then vacuum the BMD to get the loose hair the comb missed. It keeps the fur down.

Good luck!

Molly, Bianca, and Bogen - Hey Mom, I feel naked! I need to sleep in your featherbed with you!


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 11:28:08 -0500 From: (Marjorie E. Reho) To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:

On vacuums: I have two high-power shop vacs (small one for the kitchen and hallway slate floors, and big one for the basement, both from Sears) for uncarpeted areas, and a Eureka upright for carpets. Plus I cheat and use a maid service every other week to clean the whole house.

-Margie and the Dallybeck girls, who will even stand there and let me vacuum them with the shopvac when they're shedding badly.


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 13:34:07 -0600 (CST) From: Sandy Dunaway To: berner-l Subject: Vacuum Cleaners Message-ID:

My favorite vacuum is a panasonic upright that does a good job on picking up berner hair. My favorite attachment is from an older panasonic floor broom model. It has a strip of short soft bristles that seem to catch the hair quite effectively. For stubborn hair on upholstery I dampen an old washcloth to gather the fuzzies.

Sandy in Nebraska getting ready for the Huskers big game tonight!


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 15:00:57 -0600 From: (Marianne Becktel) To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:


Our Kirby is still standing up to it, but the long hairs wrap around the bar at the edges, and a bit of fur somehow escapes the passage to the bag and collects inside the outside (zipper) bag. Does yours?


As far as the vacuum goes, I have a Kirby that I have been "abusing" with dog hair, etc., for almost 10 years now. It's still going strong. It also has wonderful attachments for shampooing the carpet and cleaning upholestry.

It picks up dog hair very well as it has a set of brushes on the "beater bar." You do have to clean this when you change the vacuum bag to keep it rotating like it should.

If my Kirby ever "gives up on me," I'll be finding a salesman to buy another :)

Tailwags, Cathy Burlile, Memories BMDs

Schatzhof Bernese...each a treasure! Bay City, Michigan


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 15:37:48 -0500 From: (Linda Klei) To: Subject: carpet cleaning expert Message-ID:

Hi Berner-L folks, We have a top line Sears cannister with a power brush attachment. It works pretty good removing the dog hair but over the last 7 years we've managed to blow 5 engines. The newest vacuum was purchased after the power brush blew. The thing I could'nt live without though is our Hoover Steam Cleaner. It picks up poop, puke and other such nasty stuff. You just need to pick up the chunks and then use the cleaner to pick up the rest. Enzymatic spot cleaners work really good on stains too. With new carpet on the 1rst floor and a dog that got sick frequently I can honestly say I should get a degree in carpet cleaning! ************************************* Linda, Bert and Evan Klei Dutchie and Duke - The Berners Cooper and Jasmine - The Cats Ithaca, New York *************************************


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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 18:15:50 -0800 From: (SUSAN GERMAN ) To: Subject: Re: Vacuums Message-ID:

With 5 dogs, we had to save and get a Kirby, but it was worth it. Nothing else worked well, we went through 2 brand new vacuum cleaners in 2 years picking up all that dog hair!!

Sue G.


Date: 02 Jan 96 21:42:11 EST From: Peter Lennon To: Berner-l Subject: re: Vacuum Cleaners Message-ID:

Just to let you know we have a Sanyo Turbo (something or rather) Vacuum and it too has a kind of brush on the plate of its head. The brush does wonders at lifting the hair and after every few sweeps/pushes I remove the hair from the brush and let it get sucked up the piping. We only vacuum once or twice per week and have cream carpet about the living room and bedrooms. I've noticed ou r bedroom carpet is looking a little dull lately I think mainly due to the berner bodys that sleep there but also due to the fact that the dogs havn't learn't to wipe there feet yet when they come in. Oh well as long as the guest rooms are bright and fresh looking I don't mind living in a DOG HOUSE!!

Cheers Nicole (Zanzebern Australia)...have washed my hair 4 times now and its still pink 8-)


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 22:05:26 -0800 From: brian@redwood (Brian P. Costello) To: Subject: Re: I Need a Good Vacuum, and What Do You Think About T-Touch Message-ID:

It took me about 20 years to figure out that I could clean the hairs off the rugs faster by taking a pin or slicker brush and brush the rug. Of course this is done on hands and knees but goes very quickly. I have to clean the brush out every few minutes and cannot believe there was that much hair on the rug. I'm sure someone else has figured out an even better way but this does work.

We do the same thing with out comforter. Sophie sleeps part of the night between the 2 of us at the bottom of the bed. The comforter is a mostly black floral print, so it hides the fur very well. The only thing that takes it off is the slicker brush. I never cease to be amazed at how much will come off. If we don't vaccuum at least every other day, little berner tumble weeds form around the floor in the kitchen.


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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:30:43 -0800 From: (cathy burlile ) To: Subject: Kirbies Message-ID:

You wrote:


Our Kirby is still standing up to it, but the long hairs wrap around the bar at the edges, and a bit of fur somehow escapes the passage to the bag and collects inside the outside (zipper) bag. Does yours?



Yeah, those long hairs do go around the bar edges, but with the way it's built, it doesn't stop the bar from rotating and picking up more hair.....most of which goes in the vacuum and a little that adds to the "wad" around the bar ends. We just clean these out when we change the bag. Haven't had any problems with hair on the inside of the zipper bag..

Overall though, I really do like the Kirby. I went through a lot of the "other brands," and in the long run, have actually spent less on the Kirby than buying a new vacuum every year or so.

Time to send those Berner bunnies scampering again with the old, reliable Kirby :) Tailwags, Cathy, Memories BMDs


Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 15:50:57 -0500 From: To: Subject: Vacumn recommendations Message-ID:

Well my vac isn't feasible unless you are building a house. But I have a central vacumn system- mine is a Master Vac. It is wonderful. The GIANT cannister is located in a walk in attic of my house and only has to be emptied a couple of times a year into a garbage bag. The filter never needs replacing. There is no smell when you are vacumning since the cannister isn't in the room and is all sealed up anyway. It has a floor attachment for smooth floors and a carpet beater attachment that is obviously for the carpet. I think it would suck up small children if the hose were big enough! LOTS of power- no dog hair escapes it. If you don't know what a central vac is basically it is PVC pipe run around in the walls of your house connected to the motor/cannister and wall outlets. A few outlets service the whole house since the hose is really LONG. If you ever build- install one. Mine is 10 years old now and has never had a problem. Grace (and Nanny and Mercy)


Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 19:37:43 -0500 (EST) From: Barbara Flook To: Subject: Re: I need a good vacuum . . . Message-ID:

Marianne -

We also have a Kirby that has been going strong for 24 years now (unfortunately we haven't had any Berners, but has worked well for a Ridgeback, Golden, Pointer and GSD). These units come with lots of attachments and are pretty versatile - we once used ours to help pump water out of a flooded basement.

I have noticed some long hairs wrapping around the beater bar but have never had problems with the bag. You may want to check for tears in the filler tube. Our unit came with the old style bag that you had to scrape - worked great but with several dogs things got a little odoriferous! Thank goodness parts are readily available and the entire bag housing was rather inexpensive.



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Date: 04 Jan 96 09:32:36 EST From: Sally.Trachier@Dartmouth.EDU (Sally Trachier) To: Subject: Good Vacuum Message-ID:

We are die-hard Electrolux owners, both of us being brought up by Electrolux owners. We are on our second one after 23 years of marriage, 3 dogs and many many cats. We really like the way it picks stuff up, however I must say that Jesse has a different outlook on it after getting his tail caught in it about a month ago. (Notice I said he got his tail caught in it, not that I got his tail caught in it!) Now every time John or I pull the vacuum cleaner out of the closet he runs behind the biggest chair he can find then sneaks around the house as we move around with the vacuum.


Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 12:36:00 -0600 From: (Marianne Becktel) To: Subject: Re: I need a good vacuum . . . Message-ID:

Thanks Barb!

I will look into that filler tube. It is disconcerting to find a bunch of fur outside the disposable bag. That beater bar thing really can freeze it if you don't stay on top of it! Of course, we have three heavy coated bitches!

Again, thanks for the advice


Schatzhof Bernese...each a treasure! Bay City, Michigan


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To: Subject: Re: Vacumn opinion Message-ID:

I can't agree with you more!!! I HATE KIRBY's TOO!

When I was a kid, that's what my mom had. I have a deep-seated hatred for them (pyschosis) because when I was told to "clean up" I had to haul that monster out. Like you said it is clunky and putting on that power head with that elastic drove me crazy! My mom's finally wore out after 25 years and she got a new one (free of charge) because they are guaranteed - now she can still terrorize me with it (when I go home). I think my sister even bought one.

I had Kirby salesman come to my house and since I hate the things so much I had no intention of buying one. I told him this but he insisted on demonstrating it. So, I said ok - you can shampoo my rug! When I still wouldn't buy it after the demonstration he went crazy and called me names!!! Some salesman!

I bought a Tri-star (too expenseive). Much like you - he was a good salesman and we needed a vacuum. For the free gift we received a RAMBO knife! That has got to be the mother-of-all free gifts!

Some of my Berners just love to be vacuumed with the soft brush attachment! They line up for it. My boy, Duff, likes to "kill" the vacuum when it's moving.

With 6 Berners, I vacuum constantly! Cathy B. suggested I use the Rambo knife to scare away the Berner dust bunnies! -- Debbie and Peter Hunka Hunka Berner Love


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Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 20:05:27 -0700 (MST) From: (alice madar) To: Subject: re: vacuums Message-ID:

Yes, the Kirby is the winner. And yes, get one that's self-propelled (which I have and I love, love, love.) My sis has an old one that is not self propelled and if I were her I'd throw it in the trash! I'm strong, but not strong enough to push that thing around! Alice Madar Sedona, Arizona


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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 20:02:00 -0500 From: Ingrid Hubbard To: Berner List Subject: carpet cleaning Message-ID:

Hi Laurie --

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, BUT....I have six dogs that all are in the house most of the time in the bad weather. Not only that, but my backyard has a lot of trees and dog paths along the fences and criscrosses through the yard. Not to mention how torn up what little grass I have is because of all the agility equipment and its use whenever the weather is warm enough to train. (That's a perfect example of a run-on sentence!)

Anyway, MUD MUD MUD most of the time. My suggestion is to get your very own steam-n-vac. I have a Bissell seven gallon model. I am working on my second one. I also have a rug shampooer. Last month I shampooed the rug first, then went back and steam cleaned. I also have a Little Green Machine for emergencies. I just bought a new Hoover upright steam machine, but I think I'm going to give it to my mother. No, I'm not a "clean nut," but I do clean my rugs alot. I have wall-to-wall carpet and a big house. My machines work quite well, and it really doesn't take long to do my house. I really look forward to the time of the year when the ground freezes.

Anyway, you forgot to mention the time and the directions to your house :-)

Ingrid Hubbard Columbus, Ohio, USA


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Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 13:59:20 -0500 From: Pecans To: Subject: A Hairy Situation Message-ID:

My elderly Electrolux performs admirably given the fact that it must consume Bernerfur from three dogs. However, it has required several stays in the Intensive Care Ward at ABC Vacuum in Attleboro. Lisa Allen


Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 14:33:45 -0500 From: Pecans To: Cc: Subject: Re: carpets-hair Message-ID: wrote:

Thanks to all who responded to the "hair problem" with great tips. In Australia there is a tool called a Polysqueep, which is a cross between a bro om and a squeegie that sounds very intriguing. Leigh says she wouldn't be w/o o ne.

Lisa, all of Northern Calif is one wet mess. Many highway closures. Lots of flooding and evacuations. Being on the San Joaquin valley floor, we are livi ng in a lake, but are ok so far - dogs love being wet, but I much prefer them dr y. April Leigh, please be more descriptive regarding the Polysqueep, if it is not like something in the USA, can we order them through you? I hope the weather improves in the West soon. I had read that many of the roads I traveled on my way to the Hefners several years ago when visiting them and when picking up Yoda were flooded. Lisa Allen


Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 12:05:42 -0800 From: (Elizabeth G. Walker) To: Subject: Steam Cleaners Message-ID:

April -- We are on our second steam cleaner. I forget the kind we had before; our present model is "The Big Green Clean Machine", which we purchased at Costco. It works okay. My dad owned a rug cleaning business when I was growing up, and he always told me that no residential type cleaner would work as well as a commercial one. The water pressure in the home models is not as great (so it doesn't get as deep into the carpet), nor is the suction on the vacuum as strong (so it doesn't pull stuff out of the carpet as well). Basically, it cleans the surface of the rug, and not much more. For pet accidents, we steam clean, then follow with an enzyme treatment (like Outright or Nature's Miracle) which we apply liberally and which, we hope, gets down to the padding. However, we still have our carpets professionally cleaned about once a year.

Liz Walker Dublin, CA


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Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 13:44:08 -0500 (EST) From: r and j evans To: Subject: re:guardianship,carpet cleaning, wood floors, food Message-ID:

Hi everyone,

Guardianship: Our pets have been provided for, in the event they outlive us, according to our wills. We are fortunate enough to have a veterinarian friend whose values are similar to ours concerning animals and she agreed to make sure they would be well cared for. She would likely take most of them to her 200 acre farm, but should she need to place any, she knows the right kind of place and would find that place. I'm sure of where I don't want them to go (not to someone who might overfeed or who might not want a 95 lb. lap dog) and I rest peacefully knowing I've done a decent job of providing for our animals in the unlikely event that would become necessary. From my perspective, it is essential to find some person or organization you trust and then make arrangements.

Carpet care: We use a Hoover Elite Supreme vacuum for carpets and it does a good job of getting the hair from 3 dogs and 1 cat. It doesn't work as well on the furniture. (yes, they all get on the couches...we put a sheet on the ones they are allowed on, though this is not a strictly enforced rule) We use a Hoover Electric broom on the non-carpeted floors and it is great. It does have

one design glitch: hair can fly out of the collection cannister. We solved that with some black duct tape which re-applies for several uses. We do have to, or rather: we should, vacuum several times per week. Daily would be nice but I would rather do other things.

Also, our local Stanley Steemer carpet cleaners have a maintenance plan that allows 6 cleanings in one year for around $100.00. That amount covers our grea t room (22x18 plus hallway), and if you have nice "technicians" they will touch up other spots (like upchucked SBMs = small brown mammals or whatever YUCK of the day) in other rooms. This is something that a franchisee can choose to offer, so check with (beg) your local steam cleaners to make an offer. I have found this to be well worth the cost and we are starting year 9 with very light gray, still decent looking carpeting. We probably won't get as many years of use as a non dog household but that's part of the deal.

Wood Floors: Thanks for the input. That's what I would like after we pull the

carpet...but after some of your messages, I'm not so sure. Haven't checked the

back digests yet, but appreciate knowing there is more information.

Food: Thanks to all of you who have written about what to I'm pretty sure I'll change what I've been feeding...even though I've had long lived furry friends. Just seems that I can do better.

Take Care All

Jill, and the herd in W. Laf., IN

Jill Evans W. Lafayette, IN


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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 08:56:21 -0700 (MST) From: (alice madar) To: Subject: vacuums revisited Message-ID:

Regarding the best vacuums for cleaning up after our hairy monsters, I love my Kirby. But I met a guy on an airplane who sold vacuum cleaners/air cleaners called "Fairfax" which he said are just as good as Kirby, so it might be worth checking out and comparing them to a Kirby before buying either. He also said Orecks are very powerful--seemed like the only 3 worth considering were Kirby, Fairfax, and high-end Oreck. (Oreck is a lot less expensive than Kirby or Fairfax.) Has anybody out there ever tried a Fairfax? I never even heard of them before. This guy also said they are so reliable they are guaranteed for your lifetime and the lifetime of whatever child inherits it. Alice Madar Sedona, Arizona


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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 17:20:36 -0500 (EST) From: To: Subject: vacuum cleaners again

I've been noticing quite a few postings on vacuums and until someone invents a really good "fur-buster" I like my Oreck XL. The Oreck is an upright with the bag in front and the debris is vacuumed through the handle. The upright comes with a small canister vac that has a shoulder strap and assorted attachments for floors, furniture, etc. This Oreck model that we own has carrying handle that's D=shaped called the "helping hand" which makes it a lot easier to carry up the stairs;and it cleans above average, but not superbly. The best thing about it is the weight -8lbs . If you have to lug a vac up and down stairs, the lighter the better. (Makes you want to vacuum more---hah!)

Ellen Barnaby, Ty and the "girls"

PS We missed the BMDCNV Winter Walk today : ( . Madchen, our puppy, is in season and feeling hormonally challenged and I didn't want to leave her. Will someone from the club e-mail me and let me know how it was--I missed everyone. Thanks. (


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Subject: cleaning collars and a vaccum suggestion Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 06:11:36 -0500 (CDT) From: (John and Nell Ward)

The Berner rescue that we have been fostering came with a German leather collar with metal cows riveted into it. It is quite nice but grimy. Does anyone have a suggestion how to clean it. I know throwing it into the washer will not work. I knew there was a reason we use nylon collars. We took him for a bath at the do-it-yourself dog wash yesterday. He was wonderful. The easiest dog I have ever washed. Ingo now looks like a fluffy puppy, but I hate to put the grimy collar back on him when he is so clean.

In trade I want to pass this info to the list. At the specialty in Estes Park, John talked to the housekeeping staff about their vacuums. They said these commercial Hoovers are good, but you really want to see the new blue ones they just got. The chief of housekeeping gave us a owners manual and John called the 800 number. They identified a local supplier and John bought one. It works wonderfully well. John is retired and is in charge of the house. When he vacuums with the new blue machine, it is not possible to rough up more dog hair with your shoe. The vacuum is a Windsor Sensor and came from a commercial cleaning supply company. If you want more info, write us and perhaps John can overcome his shyness and answer. He was supposed to send this info to the list months ago.

Thanks for help about cleaning Ingo's collar.


Nell and John Ward ( Berners since 87 - 2 pets Sunshine (3 yr old male Berner) + short-term foster rescue Berner Ingo (6) Kasey Ann (13 yr old female Australian Shepherd) and Sasha (14 yr old male American Eskimo) Fountaintown IN, (East of Indianapolis)


Subject: Re: Vacuuming berner fur Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:45:51 -0500 From: "Anita"

Well, so far the Berner fur (only one dog, mae, and only for four weeks) has been hardly noticeable among the wads of cat hair generated by my two long-haired constantly shedding cats. A few years back I got a vacuum cleaner specifically to get animal hair up and I love it. It's called a Rainbow -- you buy them from dealers and they are EXPENSIVE. (about $1000). But I LOVE mine. It has nice attachments, particularly for vacuuming wood floors -- and two types of hoses, one that has electrical power going through it to power the beater-type carpet vacuum attachment and a non-electrical one for everything else. It rolls around like a canister but on a much wider and more stable base.

You can use the non electrical one to clean up liquid spills as well (came in handy one time when my basement leaked). The Rainbow works with a well of water -- the dirt and hair gets sucked into the water and stays there. When the water stops "bubbling" then you have to dump it out, put in new. I have to dump mine about three times (using the 4-quart reservoir) on my rather small house -- first reaching in and removing huge amounts of hair, which you just squeeze out and throw in the trash.

It is extremely powerful, can suck up rugs, shoes, curtains. There's a mini-version of the carpet attachment that is outstanding at getting hair off furniture and carpeted steps. And it has a lifetime warranty. If there's a dealer in your area, he/she will show the thing in your home. What sold me was when we took the floor (not carpet) attachment out to my screened-in front porch, which had a solid layer of dirt on it from construction next door. It took it right up.

Anita Schrodt in Wichita, KS with a mutt, a Berner and two furrball cats.

---------- From: Cile To: Subject: Re: Vacuuming berner fur Date: Sunday, July 27, 1997 3:30 PM

Hello All

I too am interested in this lists' best reccomendations for vacuum cleaners. Consumer Reports doesn't test on berner fur, so you all are probably the true experts in rating these machines! Is anyone out there satisfied with their vacuum cleaner or has any one tried several brands?


BERNER-L Digest 816

Subject: Vacuum Cleaner Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 18:44:00 -0500 (CDT) From: (John and Nell Ward)

Nell said I had to tell the Vacuum cleaner story. She's committed me and there have been several inquiries. So here it is.

We stayed for a couple of days at the YMCA conference center after the specialty. I saw our housekeeping staff using a Hoover commercial vacuum cleaner. We were using an ancient Hoover upright that I was not satisfied with. So I asked about the one they were using. "It's all right", they said. "But we have some new ones that do an outstanding job. Especially on dog hair." She suggested I stop by the housekeeping office for brand and model info. Here it is:

Windsor Industries, Inc. 1351 West Stanford Ave. Englewood, Colorado 80110 800-444-7654 303-762-1800

The YMCA uses the Versamatic (I think that's the model). - around $550 - 600. I bought the Sensor SR 15. - around $400 - 450.

Windsor gave me my distributor's number. The distributor thought the Versamatic was overkill for household use and suggested I get the Sensor SR 15. I tried them both and thought the Sensor SR 15 did as good a job as the Versamatic.

Sensor SR 15 features: 15 inch wide cleaning nozzle Automatically senses and adjusts to the correct height for the rug you are sweeping Does OK on hardwood and tile floors Gets very close to the right edge (no stripe next to the baseboard) Gets far closer on the left than my old Hoover 40 foot line cord.

Included Accessories attached to the vac: Crevice tool Upholstery tool Other accessories are optional

I've been very well pleased with my new vac. It does a fine job on dog hair. It doesn't get what's floating in the air but soup is better with hair in it anyway.


Nell and John Ward ( Berners since 87 - 2 pets Sunshine (3 yr old male Berner) + short-term foster rescue Berner Ingo (6) Kasey Ann (13 yr old female Australian Shepherd) and Sasha (14 yr old male American Eskimo) Fountaintown IN, (East of Indianapolis)


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Subject: Re: Vacuum cleaner recommendation Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:28:09 EDT From: To:

The best vacuum cleaner I have ever had is the Pantom Thunder (12 amps). It picks up all the hair and I don't have to spend a fortune on bags -- just empty out the container. With 3 Berners and a Leo, we have our share of hair and this machine works wonders. I believe I saw that Sears has their own version of this vacuum, but I don't think it was much cheaper than the original -- about $300.

Lin Lundh Bernell Kennels Orland Hills, IL


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Subject: Re: vacuum recommendations Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 00:36:04 -0500 From: "janet french" To: , "Carole Dlugasch"

Dear Carole,

I love my Oreck. It not only does a great job on the carpet, but not having a beater bar allows it to be used on any surface. I pull it out to clean my tile and laminate floors whenever I have the urge to de-hair. (Which is not often an urge.) The one disadvantage to it is that it doesn't fit under the bottom edge of most cabinets since it sets a little higher than most vacuums.

Yours, Janet French


Subject: Vacuum Rec. Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 11:42:33 EDT From: To: CC:

Hi Carole: Saw your post about vacuums. My old Hoover keeled about 6 months ago, and I was faced with a new purchase too. I have TWO hair machines -- Moose is a 2 year old golden retriever and Petra, my Berner girl, just turned one. I did a ton or research, including posting info requests to my golden retriever list, (about 2500 folks on that one) testing different machines, etc. I finally went with the Miele Red Star, and it is BY FAR the best sucking machine I have EVER owned. The carpet beater brush really gets up the hair. I have terrazzo tile, oriental carpets over hardwoods, wall to wall wool carpet and vinyl. I wanted a machine that would work on all those surfaces, and not weigh a ton. The Miele is a canister, which has much better sucking power than an upright, and is lots easier to manuever.

The downside of Miele's is their price -- the Red Star was about $700. Also, the bags are not cheap -- $10 for 5 bags. However, I pull the mass of dog hair out of the bag and reuse it a least a couple of times before I get a new bag. No kidding, these Miele's are unbelieveable -- those Germans really know how to build their vacuums. I bought my Miele here in the Island where I live, but I now buy my bags over the net from Best Vacuum, because they're a few dollars cheaper. That site also has all the Miele's so you can take a look at what they have. The site address is

Good luck!

Heidi Stamm Bainbridge Island, WA Ebnet's Ingenue Petra-on-the-Go (Berner Petra) Moose Rocket of Sequana (GR Moose)


BERNER-L Digest 1876

Subject: Re: vacuum recommendations Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 11:14:19 +0100 From: "keith piggott" To: "Carole Dlugasch" CC:

Hello Carole, I had the same problem. The ols hoover did not cope with the Berner hairs. I bought a DYSON. It works like magic. -----Original Message----- From: Carole Dlugasch To: Date: 02 May 1999 20:13 Subject: vacuum recommendations

Hi Listers- I know that this is one of those questions that comes up over and over, and unless you are planning to buy a vacuum, you don't REALLY pay close attention. My old, until-recently reliable hoover has finally quit- the berner hair did it in- and I'd love to know, from your own experiences, which make and model can truly handle the unbelievable amounts of hair that appear on a daily basis in every corner of my house. So- recommendations please and thanx in advance. carole, bernie, duncan and little Lulu (our newest berner addition- 10 weeks old and growing...) in Gunnison, Colorado where it snowed last night(4 inches at least!)


BERNER-L Digest 1902

Subject: VACUUMS Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 10:01:33 -0400 From: Lisa Christensen Organization: Zeisler Morgan Properties To: "'BernerL'"

I have been 100% satisfied with the 12 amp Fantom - it's got a hepa filter and you never need to empty bags - you wouldn't believe how much hair and dust it picks up just after one vacuum session. Kmart or other discount stores are carrying.

lisa christensen


BERNER-L Digest 1921

Subject: vacuum report Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 17:07:58 -0600 From: Carole Dlugasch To:

Finally! my Fantom Lightning 12 amp canister arrived and I have spent the last two days vacuuming every inch of my house. So far, I am THRILLED with the vacuum- I cannot believe the dirt and hair I've picked up, and I didn't think my house was THAT dirty! It's a canister, so it's lightweight and really easy to manuever and the head is thin so it gets under everything. So, I think all my research served me well and I recommend it highly! carole, bernie, duncan and lulu in sunny gunnison, colorado


BERNER-L Digest 2304

Subject: Re: Vacuum Cleaners Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 06:46:24 EST From: To:

Some one wrote needing suggestions for vacuum cleaners.

I have central vac but my best vacuum has always been my Rainbow. It does a great job and keeps the air clean. When I first purchased it, my husband went through the roof, but now he thinks its the best too. It also came with a rug cleaner which comes in handy for puppy accidents. Diane Van Pelt

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Re: Vacuum Cleaners Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 07:24:04 -0500 From: "Dr. William B. Neff" Organization: University of Pittsburgh To: CC:

I heartily second the recommendation for the Rainbow Machine as a vacuum cleaner which is excellent. In addition to being a very effective vacuum, the fact that the dust doesn't go back into the air is great for those of us with allergies to dust.

Joye Neff and Winston (Samantha and Ben) Pittsburgh, PA


Subject: Vacuums - Windsor Sensor Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 07:37:03 -0500 From: John and Nell Ward To: CC:

Sherri and Len, best wishes on finding the best vacuum. John asked the house cleaning staff at Estes Park for their recommendation. They were using industrial Hoovers, but they were very enthusiastic about their new blue vacuum. We got the information from the office and called the 800 number to find a local distributor. It was an industrial cleaning supply place that we would never have found on our own, but they were glad to help us.

It is a Windsor Sensor. There is another model that also ends with 'or' but they did not think it was needed for household use. It is an upright but there is an easily detachable wand that I use for vacuuming hair out of the washer after a particularly hairy load (is there another kind?) and for capturing hair in narrow places. We love it. It is shaped to get into corners and it does a great job of picking up the hair. No more vacuuming and then swiping my shoes to find lots more hair.

John will be up after a while and I will ask him to try to find the 800 number, if you like. I am amazed how often I see them in use in public places like my former employer and motels. Our rug cleaning service swears by them for vacuuming before they start the cleaning.

Good luck finding the vacuum of your dreams.

Nell John and Nell Ward Fountaintown, IN (near Indianapolis)


Subject: Re: Vacuum Cleaners Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 11:43:01 EST From: To:

Hi all, Last vacuum I bought was a Sanitaire. It is a commercial grade vaccum made by Eureka and is all metal parts so will last for ages. It works very well. My last vacuum lasted about 9 months and then melted because of the amount of dog hair so I got one this time that does not melt :)

Anyhow, the reason I am posting is I looked at shops around here and the prices on these were all the same. About $500.00. Then I found ABC vaccum's online and ordered from them. Mine is an upgrade from the $500.00 model and it only cost me $280.00 through ABC. They have lots of makes and models and they got mine out to me right away. Good company to deal with in my experience. Their web site is Stacey G.


Subject: RE: Vacuum Cleaners Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 09:16:24 -0500 From: "Kim Coleman" To:

I spent most of Saturday morning vacuuming every crack and crevice in this 2-story house (I know how to have some fun, huh?!) with my Fantom Fury. I'm fairly happy with it but I do wish it were more industrial strength. (3 dogs, 3 know the story).

I need a heavy duty, hand held vac for my stairs. Right now I pull the dog hair out of the crevices by hand, there's got to be a better way! Any suggestions? (Besides hardwood stairs.)

And why is it that my tri-colored dogs only seem to shed the white hairs on my dark carpeting?

Kim Coleman LA LA Land (So Cal) My mind works like brilliant flash and its gone.


Subject: Re:Vacuum Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 17:04:04 EST From: To:

To anyone in search of a new vacuum-

Avoid at all costs the Dirt Devil. This is the vacuum with the commercial full of Golden Retriever puppies and it won't clean on room of Berner fur. It will pick up fur, but won't drop it in the bag, so in about 4 feet the hose is clogged. Stop the vacuum, bend the coat hanger, remove the hunk of hair, reattach the bag, vacuum 4 more feet. What a pain. I have tried 4 times to call customer service and I cannot get through. I have two very well groomed Berners and vacuum everyday, so I am not asking the vacuum to do anything unreasonable. What a pile of junk.

Next I bought the Hoover wind tunnel and so far have been very pleased. It costs almost $300, but actually cleans. On the self-propelled, it is easy enough for my 5-year-old to push, and has a hard floor adjustment that does fair job on tile, but not great on hardwood.

Good luck Jennifer (2 Berners, 2 children and a husband)


Subject: Re: Vacuum Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 20:52:18 EST From: To:

We have a Eureka WhirlWind and it works great. No bags to buy and a HEPA filter on the exhaust air. Cost us around 225 dollars at Sams Club.

Mike and Terri Whalen and RENO CH Best Bet's Reno Gambler CGC Dixon, CA


BERNER-L Digest 2305

Subject: Vacuums Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 06:43:55 -0800 From: "Louise Wetzel" To: "Berner-L posting"

I have a Sharp upright. I purchased it because it was the highest rated on the Consumers Report for my price range, which was about $ 150. I really like it, it does a great job on the hair and even the stairs. Comes with all the attachments. I purchased it in Circuit City.

And the Border Collie and Papillon love to chase it!

Louise in Glendale, Queens, NY a Bernese, a Border Collie and two Papillons 1999 Christmas Card


BERNER-L Digest 2306

Subject: RE: Vacuum Cleaners Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 09:31:59 -0500 From: "Shun, Vadim" To: "'Valerie Young'" , CC: Berner Mailing List

Consumer Reports this summer rated first Hoover Windtunnel 6225. It is placed higher than other vacuums as well as sold door-to-door which are much more expensive. There is newer model 6245 is its equivalent 6451(sold in Costco) which have even better cleaning characteristics than the model top-rated by CR. We bought Costco Hoover version and are very happy with this one.

Vadim Shun.


BERNER-L Digest 2482

Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 12:38:31 -0700 From: Susan Kowitz To: Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List Subject: re: Vacuums

About a year ago I bought a Miele upright. They do have a cat and dog model which is a canister. The brochure for this model shows the product with a cat and a lovely Berner! I cannot use canisters as I am terrible about banging them into table legs and doorways, but the upright works well on my white carpets. I have 2 boys, 2 cats, and 2 Bernese,.... also an absolutely wonderful if rather sloppy husband.

Susan Kowitz, Sadie and Ben Sequim, WA


BERNER-L Digest 2483

From: "Susan Mahrt" To: Subject: Re: Owners of Sanitaire, Miele, and Windsor Sensor vacuums - Help Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 16:58:32 -0700


After many frustrating years of sub standard vacuums, I have finally found a great combination. I have a Tri-star vacuum which I purchased about 6 years ago. As far as filtration goes it is great. I have never smelled anything. My problem was with the beater bar (as it was with every other vacuum I owned), dog hair would get wrapped around the ball bearings on each end and also in the middle and lock it up. This would make the belt break and smell horrible. We would always take it apart, clean the dog hair and put it back together. Occasionally I would have it professionally cleaned when one day my little friend at the repair shop told me about this beater bar - it is a Eureka - Sweep n Groom- model E1375. I have had this beater bar for about 4 years (it was about $150.00) I have NEVER had to take it apart and I have never replaced the belt. When you look at the brush you can only see a few dog hairs ( after 4 years of use!!!). So to sum up a lengthy post (sorry!), I have a combo - Tri Star canister with a Eureka beater bar and I have never been happier! I have one big hairy Chow and two Berners.

Susan Mahrt ( It's 100 degrees in Vegas- our air conditioner compressor is out and my dogs are looking at me like I did it! :) )


BERNER-L Digest 2515

Subject: Re:central vac Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 07:40:58 -0700 From: "Susan Mahrt" To:

Hi Bill-

When we moved into our home about 7 months ago it had a Nutone central vac system. I wasn't happy with it at all and continued to use my good 'ole Tri-Star with the Eureka beater bar. About two weeks ago we replaced the Nutone unit with a Silent Master unit with a Eureka beater bar. I have been really happy with it. If you do go to a central vac - make sure the on/ off switch is on the handle. You still have to carry around the 30 foot hose but it is more convenient than carrying a vacuum. One nice thing about central vacs, all the stuff you are vacuuming goes into a canister in the garage so you don't have to worry about the dust going into the air. The type of Silent Master we purchased doesn't have filter bags to change, you just dump the canister every 3 months or so. It's also very convenient for vacuuming your vehicle - it has a place for the hose to connect directly into the unit in the garage.

Susan Mahrt


Subject: Re:central vac Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 18:38:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Sheila Avalos To: WyldBD@AOL.COM,

They are wonderful!! I love mine!! I have a Kirby and a centeral Vac, the CV gets used (we call it "the stealth" due to it's name and it's quiet).

The guy who sold us ours told us we would only need to change the bag about every 6 months!!! Yeah right!! More like every 2 months or every month when the dogs are blowing coat! When our home was being built (10 yrs ago) my hubby installed all the pipes/tubs etc for the cv. Later, when we were ready, we bought the unit! It's so handy to use on the carpets and then the tile. Sometimes when in a rush to get the fur up, I will put one kid on the CV and one on the Kirby (for the carpets which will be gone by the end of this year!! YEAH!!)

She Sheila Avalos - N. California


BERNER-L Digest 2517

Subject: Central Vac systems Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 22:32:25 -0400 From: Brad Peceimer To: Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List , Cindy Still


I put in a cewntral vacuum system and it works great It is made by Galaxy, but their customer service stinks.... so I cannot recommend them. I could not contact them after 20-30 tries to get any of the accessories. My girl friend has a Beam unit, it is OK, but get the biggest unit made by them as it does not have much power in the smaller unit.

You love emptying it, you get 8' long berner hair snakes that come out of the unit!!!!!!!!!

Brad Peceimer and Lanie Fremont, CA


BERNER-L Digest 2520

Subject: Central Vac System Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:54:46 -0700 From: Kathy Deyo To:

When we built our new home last summer, the central vac system was on the top of our list and it works great! We have a Beam Classic III system and it keeps up with six dogs and a lot of floor space. The power head works great on the carpets and regular head slicks the hair off the tile and laminate flooring. The canister in the garage gets emptied about once a month.

Kathy Deyo and the Hapi Mtn kids in Orofino, Idaho


BERNER-L Digest 2521

Subject: Re: Central Vac System Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 10:53:46 -0500 From: Lindman and Goffstein To:,

Hi Kathy, How often to you need to take apart your power head to remove the dog hair?

We put in a central vac system when we built our home two years ago but have gone thru the Beam Classic power head I and a Lindhaus power head. Generally we have had to debulk the dog hair from our Berber carpet with the regular head before we used the power head , otherwise we would have to take it apart weekly to clean it.

Thanks, Barb and Kari and Anja, the two Berner farm girls of Iowa


BERNER-L Digest 2522

Subject: Re: central vac Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 18:25:19 -0400 From: Tina Tenbus To:,

Hi Bill. My parents have a central vac and they have 3 american eskimo dogs, who are shedding machines. It picks up hair ok, but I wouldn't rave about it. Also, they say you only have to empty it once every 3 months, but scratch that. My parents empty theirs about once a week, otherwise it burns the motor out due to all the hair in the canister. They also have had to replace the hose many times (at $90 each time) because it cracks and then sucks air in. They extend the life of the hose by duck taping it till that wears off. My aunt and uncle have a central vac too (but not the actual name brand central vac in their case) and have the same problems with theirs. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it. My parents have spent more money than any really good vacuum is worth and this one isn't worth it, and central vac is kinda a hassle to install as well! Maybe consider an upright. Thats what I am going to get next, no dragging the vacuum around behind you. My current vacuum was a gift from my Matt's parents, so beggars can't be choosers, hehe. Of course today when I tried to vacuum it shut off and wouldn't start again, so I might start looking for a new vac soon as well! :-) Hope this helps.



BERNER-L Digest 2690

Subject: Re: Removing urine smell from carpeting Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 20:13:45 -0400 From: neva63 To: CC: ~BERNER-L References: 1

I found the BEST carpet shampoo (Bisssell Pet Ordor and Stain Removal) and the Best shampooer as well. The shampooer machine is the Bissell Powersteamer ProHeat Platinum. I have an oatmeal colored berber carpet in my family room, and three dirt loving dogs who romp on it constantly. (ok, we won't even talk about the last litter of puppies who helped to soil it nicely) This machine really gets the dirt out.....all of it. The Pet Odor shampoo has been a life saver. Ya know in the TV demonstrations how floor cleaners leave a clean stripe......this one actually does that ! No, I don't work for Bissell. But this is one heck of a carpet cleaner. Kathleen Shields KasBern BMD's Lakewood, NJ wrote:

Help! Gretel got into the living room and did a job on the carpeting. I got most of the stain out but the smell of urine is overpowering to say the least. Does anyone have any remedies? The carpeting is less than a year old and my non dog-loving husband is not pleased. You Berner-Lers have always helped me before (especially with my bathing Berners question this summer.) I'll be holding my breath (and my nose) waiting for a reply. * Thanks, Marcia * --------------------------------------------------------------------

BERNER-L Digest 2916

Subject: new gadget Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:50:55 -0500 From: Val To:

Hi all,

I just wanted to tell you about a nifty gadget that I have in my new "built with Berners in mind" house. When the Central Vac installer came to hook up the vacuum, he asked if I wanted a Vacpan. I had never heard of one but when he described it to me, I said Yes. It is a kick panel that is inserted in the baseboard. Mine is under the kitchen cupboards. When I push it open with my foot, it activates the central vac and I can sweep the day's accumulation of Berner hair right into the central vac system instead of into a dustpan. I imagine it would be not too complicated to add to an existing system. Ours is Hoover, but probably any type could handle it.

I wish now I had asked for one in the laundry/dog room too, but Marlee and Tonka have informed me they are tired of strange people coming into their new home, so no more tradesmen, please!!


Val Whiteford with Marlee and Tonka in Greely, ON, Canada


BERNER-L Digest 2957

Subject: Re: Berner Fuzz Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 07:04:48 EST From: To:


Last year my vacuum newer Panasonic vacuum melted from the dog hair. I then purchased an all metal base vacuum called a Sanitaire. It is Eureka's commercial grade vaccum.

No matter what you end up buying I would go look at this site first.

ABC Vacuums sells all all models of the major vacuum companies including the really pricey ones and I found them to be excellent in their service. Mail order, my vacuum was almost half the price that they were charging in the local stores and I was able to buy a much higher grade vacuum for the price of a cheapie.

Stacey G.


Subject: berner fuzz and vacuums Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:58:05 -0700 From: "Alice Madar" To: "berner-l"

wasn't there a thread on this a couple of years ago? I didn't pay much attention, because I had a Kirby, which worked really well. Super durable, indesctructible, and strong. I loved it. The best vacuum I ever came across. THEN I met a TriStar. THREE TIMES the sucking power of a Kirby--and Kirby had more power than I'd ever seen. If you can get one, you'll never regret it. TRISTAR. It will suck up every hair and every spec of dust and leave you breathing easy--and it maintains its power even when the bag is almost full. It's a berner owner's miracle. Alice Madar Sedona, AZ


Subject: Re: Berner Fuzz Date: Fri, 15 Feb 1980 21:48:36 -0000 From: "agneta walton" To: CC:

Hello Joyce, We got a DYSON when we got our first Berner. I am not sue you can buy them outside the UK but I believe there are now other makes on the market using the same or similar idea. Have a look at the web site.

Regards, Agneta


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Subject: Berner hair and Central Vacuum systems Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 22:45:33 -0500 From: Brad Peceimer To: Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List

Hi there,

Last year I installed a central vacuum system in my house and found that this has become an valuable tool in control the color of my brown and white carpets. I bought a system from s company called Galaxie (who are located on the east coast - Mass. Maybe?) and would I buy another unit from this company? This unit has worked good, but the after sales service has been awful..... I have not been able to contact them and have left 7-10 messages on their answering machine in an effort to get some accessories (i.e. a hair seperator). I do not recommend purchasing from this company.

If you do buy a system the best advise that I can give you is to purchase the strongest system that you can find as those 15 foot dog hair snakes that come out of the can are hard on a regular system, and make sure that the port that discharges the air is vented to outside the home.

Brad Peceimer and Lanie (the hair producing Queen....) Fremont, CA


BERNER-L Digest 3364

Subject: Re: vacuums - all you ever wanted to know :o) Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 09:50:52 +0930 From: "Andrea Madeley" To: , "Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List"

Here's another Andrea with a comment or two on vacuum cleaners. :o)

I've blown up 3 so far so have become a bit of a conoseur. Sadly, this is what my life with bernese has come to... :o(

There's no question in my mind that the key to easy vacuuming when it comes to dog hair is a POWER HEAD. I purchased a Hoover barrel type machine recently - that in itself is not an overly expensive machine...but the powerhead that came with it is worth as much as the machine itself.

Powerheads are large, flattish floor tools (on the end of the wand) that have a brush that is powered by a chord that runs back to the machine. The spinning brushes not only pull up the fur, but the head also vibrates the dirt loose in the carpet / rug to remove it. These things also groom the carpet beautifully.

I used to have a good barrel machine with a TURBO HEAD and I used to think this did a pretty decent job. Turbo heads are air driven. That means the force of the vacuumed air causes the brushes to spin. Problem is, the vacuum works at spinning the brush and not sucking up the dirt and fur. Mine used to get clogged up all the time.

Anything less than a Turbo or powerhead is a waste of time if you have dog fur to deal with. Been there, done that. :o(

When my last vacuum bit the dust I was about to buy another turbo system when the sales man showed me the differenve between a turbo and powerhead. He rubbed sand / dirt and fur into the carpet in the store. He then used the Turbo head...and it did seem to collect the fur (but a lot of it was trapped in the brushes after). Then he put more fur on the carpet and used the powerhead. You could SEE the sand / dirt that the turbo head had left behind vibrate up out of the fibre and there was no trace of the fur left either on the carpet or in the brushes. I was SOLD!!!

I didn't buy top of the range -- just a good quality barrel with a decent quality powerhead (about $400 Aust.) The uprights normally also have a powerhead BUT their suction power is not as good and I feel they are more cumbersome...but still, they do the job well too so if your preference is an upright, just make sure it's as powerful as you can get. Ask to see demo' really sorts out the good from the lazy.

MadDog N Oz (Andrea Madeley) ALDINGA BEACH,South Australia


BERNER-L Digest 3365

Subject: Re: vacuums Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 05:44:33 EDT From: To:,

Hi Wendy:

We recently needed to replace our vacuum, and did much research. We ended up in a completely different direction from where we started (a Kenmore canister, which is an excellent product) by purchasing a Hoover Windtunnel. It has been consistently (from what I could determine through my own research) the #1 rated upright, per Consumer Reports. I can't believe the amount of dog hair that it pulls out of my carpets! When I look at the oatmeal-coloured Berber in the basement, I see almost no dog hair. I vacuum, and the chamber is absolutely full! I love this thing! And, being self-propelled doesn't hurt, either. The only thing I don't like is that emptying the chamber, until you get it down to a science, can be messy. Worked that out, though. The model that we purchased is rather pricey, between 400-500$, however, I think that with a vacuum you get what you pay for. I expect this one to last for a long, long time. (It'd better....LOL!).

Jaye Carl, Lucy and Heather, the Sonrise Girls visit


Subject: Re: vacuums Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 06:32:22 -0400 From: Molly Bass To: CC:,

I have a Hoover Windtunnel with bag and HATE it! Granted, it does a great job when it works and it does get the hair and dirt out of the rug - quite impressive I will agree - but otherwise I have had it in the shop 4 times now in 16 months! Two times to have the self-propelled motor fixed, and 2 times to have other belts replaced. My biggest complaint is it does not push the dog hair into the bag - it clogs up where the hose goes to the bag so I find myself opening the front, removing the bag, stuffing the hair down into the bag since it does not feed itself automatically, cleaning the beautiful "snake" of hair from the opening for the bag, then replacing the bag. If the dogs are shedding I have to do this 3-4 times per SESSION and I am only vacuuming 1500 sq. feet at a time - actually less if you count the furniture in place. Maybe the bagless version works better but I have not been happy with the bag version - the poor Hoover rep was there when I picked it up last week and she got an earful! Also, I have found with the bag version that I go through 2+ bags every month, 1 bag a week if I have a dog shedding since I will vacuum at least twice a week if not more when they are blowing coats. After the bag is about 1/2 full it will no longer pick up hair so I have to toss that bag and start over.

The other complaint I have with it is the coiled tube for the attachments is so tight and not securely fastened to the intake area of the vacuum - If I am reaching for a ceiling duct or ceiling fan with the attachment hose, it often comes free from the vacuum itself and the coil is so tight the back of my head is the usual victim of its assault as it lets go. The attachments are easy to use and going from upright to attachment is a piece of cake but ya gotta watch reaching with it or it can get ya.

Now I will put in a HUGE RECOMMENDATION for the Hoover Steam Vac! Could not live without that baby - I have had it at least 5 years and it has paid for itself 10 times over and never been to the shop once - although it could use a good cleaning and servicing.

Maybe the bagless version works better but I do not recommend the bag version of the Hoover Windtunnel for dog hair - it was pricey too - @$350 and this was spring 2000. I had a cheap $99 Eureka World Vac upright for about 8 years that never needed service - it was a sad day when it died.

Molly and the gang Charlottesville, VA


Subject: Before I go...a Thought on Vaccums Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:38:39 -0700 From: "Kelly" To: "Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List"

Okay let me try my words at this. The only thing I can say is "Kirby". It has been the best vacuum I have had for the removal of Berner hair along with cat hair as well. I have never had any problems with it and it has been running for 4 years now and still going strong. I know they are expensive but the investment is well worth it in the long run.

It has never clogged on me when vacuuming up berner hair. It came with all the attachments so that I can get into all those nooks and crannies, you know the ones you seem to never be able to reach. I couldn't ask for a better vacuum for any reason.

Kelly Weir, Hope (Doing great) and Dillon (Feeling great today!!)


Subject: RE: vacuums Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:49:32 -0500 From: Kay Wendorf To: "'Pat Long and Paul Dangel'" , "" CC: Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List

I have a "carpet rake" that I use before I vacuum - it is amazing how much it cuts down on what actually has to go into the vacuum and how much easier it vacuums what is left. I figure when you pull the hair out of the rake (like taking hair out of a comb) and see how much didn't have to go thru your machine, it is well worth the $30 bucks or so that it cost (Serendipity Berners with 4 in the house.) Kay Wendorf, Darien Wisconsin


BERNER-L Digest 3367

Subject: re: vaccums Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 10:15:08 +0000 From: JEvans To:

We have a Hoover Wind Tunnel, with bag, and have been fairly happy. It does seem to pick up hair fairly well. There must be a design flaw, though, as we replace belts frequently - about every 2 months. The belt stretches and the vac doesn't pick up at all, so we know it's time to replace. Other than that it has given us the best cleaning power and has lasted longer than others we have had. I have used a friend's Kirby and had a Kirby rep. give a demo and those babies are awesome, picking up more dirt and hair after my vacuuming. They are also pricey and heavy.

Good luck. Jill


Subject: Re: vacuums-Oreck Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 10:33:07 -0700 From: "Jane Heggen" To:

Hi, I have an Oreck vacuum I really like. Very light weight and adjusts automatically from carpet or rug to hard wood. Has a special setting for rugs. My entire house is hard wood flooring with rugs, so is very handy.

The bags are expensive but I reuse them. It's easy to pull the hair out which is what fills the bag. Of course they tell you not to do this.

jane heggen and the boys of iowa


Subject: Re: vacuums-Oreck Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 16:39:03 -0400 From: "Maria Crifasi" To: CC: "Berner List"

Hi Jane,

I was told by a vacuum repair (not sales) person not to reuse bags because after one use the tiny air holes clog up and the bag can explode. Well, he was right. A bag exploded 20 minutes before guests were due. I canNOT tell you what a mess this created.

Even though my tiny Mighty Mite bags fill up quickly, I don't reuse them. With Buddy shedding his puppy coat, I have started to use a broom. Have you noticed that Berner fur defies gravity?!?

Maria, Daisy and Buddy


BERNER-L Digest 3368

Subject: Re: vacuums Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 08:44:32 -0400 From: "Genevieve Snyder" To: "Maria Crifasi" , CC: "Berner List"

In my battle against fur I discovered the "Swiffer." It's a low tech, low cost gadget (distant cousin of a dust mop, but the head is disposable). It works great on hard wood floors and ceramic tiles. It seams to pick up those fly away hairs (you know, the ones that only stick to white shirts :-)

Gen, Echo and Sam Berwyn, PA


Subject: reusing vacume bags Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 08:49:15 -0400 From: "henslee" To: "Berner L"

Hi all:

I saw Maria's warning not to re-use bags. What a mess that must have been. However I must admit we have been re-using the bags for t he Eureka World Canister Vacuum for I swear 6 months at a time. And we have 4 long hair dogs and two cats. (Ok, the cats count for nada really.) These must be outstanding bags because they are totally stuffed w/ all sorts of things and then I take a pair of hemostats and pull out HUGE globs of hair until it's relatively empty and then shake them vigorously to try to clean the bag of the dust.

I do not recommend this to anyone who can afford bags, we just find them extremely expensive. If we were to change them every time they got full, we would be replacing them twice a week.

I'm sure one day I will suffer the consequence, but let's hope I don't have guest about to arrive as Maria did.

Best wishes to all, Henslee and family and Alex the rescue pup who is actually turning into a real Berner who is Handsome as Hell and astoundingly wonderful. What a mover - whew!


Subject: RE: vacuums Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 08:57:01 -0700 From: Barbara Usack To:,

We also got a Windtunnel (as a gift -- around $300?). It uses bags, not a canister -- I didn't want the mess. It is a good vacuum. Unfortunately (1) we didn't get the most powerful one, it's Mach 3.3, and (2) I didn't know the bags were $7.50 EACH! As you know with Berner fur, you go through a LOT of bags!!

Barbara, Steve and Guinness Jackson, NJ


Subject: Re: vacuum recommendation Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 17:52:30 -0700 From: Susan Fischer To:

I love my Miele with hepa filter. It gets all the dirt and all the dog hair!!


BERNER-L Digest 3421

Subject: vaccums for Berner Hair revisited Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 13:50:31 -0800 From: "Sabine Munshi" To: "berner-l"

Ok I have been doing my research and I got the attachment from Pat Long with messages from all of you out there with opinions on Vacuums. I also went to Consumer report online and checked out their recommendations.. Looks like that the favorite one out there is KIRBY. Then came Sears product. After looking at consumer report, they have a table that shows who requires the most repair and KIRby scored the best (meaning they are less likely to brak down) with Dirt Devil being the one in the shop the most... The Kirby that Consumer report recommends is not on the top of their list, but it scored well but it cost $1,250 (maybe why it is not on top of the list). WOW. The ones Consumer have on top of their list, are Eureka Ultra Smart Vac ($211) for an upright and Kenmore Progressive for the canister ($300). So I still don't know what to do....The Rainbow vaccum really intrigued me but it looks like it is central vac and now it is too late for that...

So help me...I have 80% hard wood floors, with tile in the bathrooms and laundry and carpet in the bedrooms, so obviously I need something that works great on hard wood floors. It is a one story so there are no stair problems (and my Sammy is going to love not having to go upstairs).... I need something that picks up Berner Hair obviously... Could you email me privately with your thoughts on this issue. I want to get one sooner than later, and I am soo indecisive... About the Kirby, where do you buy one and is the Kirby G6, the only one out there?/ thanks Sabine and Sam (who does a great job at vacuuming food crumbs but no luck vacuuming his own hair)


BERNER-L Digest 3422

Subject: I know what picks up hair! Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 19:04:02 -0800 From: "dsgump" To:

I have had a wide variety of vacuums as I clean houses for a living. I have used Kirby's and rather be pistol whipped than use one for myself. They are heavy and suck like most vacuums. And they cost $$$. I have owned a Rainbow. That one was good but cost $$$. I like to use Hoover products. I just bought a Windtunnel bagless. I have used vacuums with bags but the bags get full rather quickly. With the bagless, I can clean the house and see how much hair I pick up. And I always pick up plenty. I works good on floors too. And when I went head to head with a Kirby salesman, he got very upset that my Hoover was doing just as good as his Kirby. He gave me the free knife set and left very upset! I also find joy at making Kirby salespeople cry! Sally, Jessie (Lab) and Heidi Ho (sweet Berner girl!)


Subject: vacuums for Berner Hair revisited Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 21:46:40 -0800 (PST) From: Todd and Jennifer Zaayer To:, "Sabine Munshi"

Sabine, since you said you have mostly hardwood floors, I would recommend a Miele'. I got one when we replaced the last of our carpet with tile (and hardwood) and couldn't do without it. Some of the vacuums that are cheaper will scratch your hardwood floors (which otherwise I'm sure will stay as pristine as mine have with 4+ dogs racing across them-not!) so factor in the cost of refinishing floors when considering an inexpensive vacuum.

Jennifer Zaayer


BERNER-L Digest 3423

Subject: Re: vaccums for Berner Hair revisited Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 22:53:55 -0800 (PST) From: Sarah Woodward To: CC:

Sabine, We have a Kirby - whatever the latest model was from a few years ago (it's burgandy). I really love the Kirby for my carpets. It does *suck* (!) really is also nice because you can wash your carpets too. We used it on some carpets in my parents "new" old house and it worked wonders. I never have to pay for carpet cleaning now either, and our carpets look so fluffy and clean afterwards. However, it is really heavy and awkward to carry (esp. up/down stairs). It's got lots of attachments and can definitely be used on wood floors, but it wouldn't be the easiest or best for mobility. I use a small hoover for my floors that aren't carpeted (pergo). Given the number of times required to vacuum my pergo with a Berner, the Kirby is just not practical.

But here's a tip...if you did want a Kirby, you definitely don't have to pay what they tell you is the price. We kept saying no, and the price kept falling. Of course the sales girl had to call the supervisor, but she finally said she could sell us a used one for less...guess where she got the "used" one? was the very NEW one she had just used to demonstrate on our carpet. I guess you kind of have to work for the price you want, and some people don't care to do that, but we're glad we did. My husband is in sales...he loves the challenge!

Also, our neighbor bought a rebuilt Kirby at some shop that does that, and he paid much less and is happy with his too.

Hope that helps in your decision-making process!

Sarah and Buju (who at 4 1/2 months has only just begun to shed!)


BERNER-L Digest 3428

Subject: Vacuum recommendations again Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:40:41 -0500 From: Nell Ward To:

So here we are at another vacuum discussion. I have to bring out this 4 year old message again. We bought a Windsor sensor vacuum based on recommendations by the housekeeping staff at the Estes Park specialty. Can that specialty be FOUR years ago already? It was our first big trip with Sunny and he had a grand time mooching food from everyone.

Now back to the vacuum story. We love it. It has the convenience of use of an upright but in a wink of an eye you can take the wand out and use it in corners or edges. I use it to get stray (they are not really stray, I know where they came from) hairs out of the washing machine. I am amazed how often we see the Windsors being used in commercial places, like my former employer and motels. Our rug cleaning service swears by them for vacuuming before they start the cleaning.