An excerpt from the November Issue of CNR,

a Canine Nutrition Publication

Eggs are a complete protein for your dog.

The humble egg is a nutritionally superb natural supplement for most dogs' diet plans.

Eggs are a protein-based nutrient that delivers 100% of all the essential amino acids and is 100% utilized by your dog. That is an incredible nutritional characteristic.

In addition to being the super-food of essential amino acids, whole eggs provide a rich complement of vitamins and minerals including the following:

Whole eggs are indeed an incredible nutritional and natural supplement. When you further consider the ease with which eggs can be obtained and their relatively low cost, the egg is an excellent choice for a healthy addition your dog's diet.

Selection and Preparation

The proper selection of eggs is an important first step. I recommend fresh organic eggs produced from free-range chickens. Brown eggs are also preferable since some evidence suggests that brown eggshells are less susceptible to bacteria absorption than white eggshells. So ideally your eggs should be fresh, organic brown eggs. One final note on selection; never use an egg with a cracked shell thereby avoiding potential contamination.

Preparation is quite a bit simpler than selection. Place a whole egg, shell included, in a small pot with water. Bring to a boil and cook the egg for 3 to 5 minutes. Soft-boiled eggs can be easily overcooked which destroys the nutrients, so take care not to overcook. A simple test is to look at the yolk. If the yolk has a green ring surrounding it, the amino acids have been destroyed.