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How to feed your berner is a matter of personal preference. Your breeder has probably made some suggestions based on bloodlines and the dog’s individual needs.

Canine nutrition is akin to human nutrition---everyone has an opinion and there is no perfect method.

What we have tried to do is provide you with useful, informative and intelligent resources for feeding. We hope this will assist you in becoming an educated consumer and advocate for your dog.

Understand the supplements vital to berners, don't forget some people are selling snake-oil.

Determine your dog’s appropriate weight with your vet. Then go home and add five pounds.

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Assess the caloric needs of your dog. It will vary throughout the year, depending on activity level and season.

The amount of information on the web has exploded since this page was first created. The information on some of the pages listed below may be somewhat radical for a beginner. Take your time and do your research, approach dietary changes with care.


Basic Nutrition Feed Calculator Nutritional terms Beyond the Basic, but for beginners as well From trade associations and industry Compilations and Comparisons More Nutrition Links