They're not really wolves

We support and practice raw feeding.

I always said, "they're like wolves, that's how they should be fed."

I always heard, "wolves in the wild don't eat every day. You should fast your dog one day a week."

I recently read a post on a mailing list about fasting puppies.

One of the people that answered said "they're not really wolves. They've been evolving with us for 3,000 years, some things are different."


The domestic dog and the wolf are one and the same. Dogs are not omnivores, as some have claimed. Dogs are carnivores, exactly like wild wolves. Geneticist Dr. Robert K. Wayne at UCLA has conclusively proven that the domestic dog is a subspecies of the wolf. Subsequent studies have verified this conclusion.

Next, it must be understood what wolves actually eat in the wild, especially when they are not pressed by loss of habitat and human intervention. Contrary to some claims, wolves do not eat the stomach contents of their prey nor do wolves consume much vegetable matter. The preferred food of the wild wolf is the meat, bones, and organs of large hooved Mammals. In times of scarcity, desperate wolves will try to eat a variety of food items, just as would any starving creature, but they strongly prefer to eat meat, organ, and bone. Dr. L. David Mech has been studying wolves for decades, and has published many books and articles on wolves and their diets.

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