from the berner-l

First: I made slings for my dogs. These slings are very basic affairs: a bath towel folded longwise into thirds or fourths so that the remaining width is both well-padded and comfortable on the dog's abdomen. Then I machine-stitched webbed "belting" (1" wide), often used for tote-bag straps, onto the ends for handles. 18" or so on either end made a good length handle for me; test the length of the towel + handle for yourself before committing to scissors and sewing machine.

Sew with the straight stitch initially to secure the edges of the towel and the belting, then use zig-zag for reinforcement. Sew the ends of the strapping down in an "X" pattern, as you see on the re-useable grocery bags so popular nowadays.

Use the sling to help Doggy get up onto his feet.

If you have Doggy for only a week, find a large bath/beach towel and fold it lengthwise *or* diagonally to make it as long as possible, and then place it under his abdomen to help him rise.

Second (this may not be so relevant if Doggy won't be staying more than a week): We have Pergo downstairs (yes, we have stairs; the sling helped the female, but Vergil had to live downstairs; I pretty much moved downstairs myself), so we bought indoor traffic mats from OSH hardware to provide traction. Vergil was able to navigate the mats with sling assistance. Our 11-y.o. female, Vesta, finds them helpful, too due to her shoulder arthritis. She is hesitant on plain Pergo, but has confidence on the mats. If a dog has an accident on the mats, we just take the mat outside and give it a good hosing-down. When that's not enough, we apply cleaner (oxy-clean powder and/or Petastic) and then give the mat a good hosing-down. Let dry, return to house.

Something else that helped Vergil with his pain was the use of a heating pad. We placed a towel on him and then the heating pad on the towel, set on Low. One of us (usually me) stayed nearby just as a precaution, but his muscles were always less tense after the heating pad. I also performed gentle massage on him.