"touch" for heeling and leash training

from the berner-l of the first things we learned at basic obed. was to teach the dog to touch your hand and get a treat. Then as the dog learns what you expect you can move your hand to different places (your left side, right side, down low, whatever) and the dog should go to your hand and touch it, with his/her nose. When you acheive that, Heidi learned this quickly, you can then use that to move the dog around, like into "at side" position. For example, standing up, you would take your left hand and drop it down at your left side and behind you and say "touch". Then, your dog should touch your hand and be positioned at your left side facing behind you. You then (ready with a treat) bring your hand around to the front of you effectively turning your dog around so that he/she is at side. If your dog is just learning, you may choose to issue a sit command once he is where you want him. Then you can practice walking at side. Also, when teaching correct (no pulling) leash training with food, don't do it incorrectly while you are training. In other words, don't do a session using food and then a couple hours later take the dog for a walk without food thereby allowing bad behavior. Consistancy is the key to all this. It may take a couple weeks of this to get desired results...good luck...I have seen it work.

2009 collars