Collmar - Haylie - Reno, NV

Desertberner’s Shooting Star (Haylie)
Berner Garde # 62799
Linda Collmar, Reno, Nevada

Haylie came to us at the age of three, shortly after the loss of our other two berners.  She was shy, unsure of other people and did not seem to be used to having any toys or how to play.  After working through some health issues, she seemed more comfortable and trusting with us.  Haylie has a very strong “mothering instinct” and quickly became a close companion to our other berner, Susie.  Haylie watched everything Susie did and tried so hard to be a good girl, which she was.  Susie was thrilled to have a playmate.  Little did she know she would have to teach Haylie how to play but Haylie preferred to stay quiet and just “nurture” Susie.

Eventually, we added a third berner girl to our family, Chloe.  Haylie seemed so happy to have another little one to care for, but all Chloe wanted to do was play.  So after watching Susie and Chloe play together, Haylie began to join in the fun and today she loves running, chasing them and playing with them.  By doing this, she has developed more muscle tone and endurance and a happier outlook.

Now, just a short one and a half years later, Haylie is so different from when we got her.   She is more secure, confident, affectionate and playful.  She has assumed the role of “matriarch” and has become the family watchdog.  Haylie even has a few favorite toys.

Haylie has earned her CGC and gone on to become a therapy dog.  She is a favorite of the children at the local library where she is part of the children’s reading program.  Haylie is now training for rally, agility and drafting.

Haylie is our constant companion, always at our side, giving us her paw when she wants more attention.  She joins us nightly on the couch to relax and watch TV.  We are so happy and proud to have her as part of our family.  It has been such a joy watching her evolve into the happy, loving companion we knew she could be.  Judging by the ear to ear smiles she gives us every day, I think she is happy to be with us too.