DeMarco - Lacey - Vancouver, WA

Berner Gard #59942

Allow me to tell the story of our girl Lacey.  She came to us in August of 2008.  We were not really looking for another dog.  Lacey is our 2nd Berner.  Our first girl, Bella, passed away at a young age.  We thought that maybe we wouldn’t want to try again.

That all changed when we got a call from Kim Spooner with the Seattle Chapter.  She said that they had a beautiful 2 year old female that needed a new home.
So on a Saturday we said “oh we should at least look and meet her”, yeah right.

By Sunday we had a new member of the family.  Lacey picked us from the first moment.  After visiting for a couple of hours at the foster home she threw herself in front of the door and didn’t want to let us out.

The first few months Lacey was understandably anxious.  But now that she has realized that this is home, is safe and loved she is doing great, eating well, gaining weight and taking her rightful place on the family couch.

We feel truly blessed that Lacey is in our lives and are looking forward to many happy years ahead.

Tony & Esperanza DeMarco
Vancouver, WA 98662