Ganz - Anja - Washoe Valley, NV

Anja’s Story

Anja was found running loose at a busy intersection in Reno in January, 2009.  She was dehydrated and had a severe UTI. The people who found her took care of her medical needs and tried every avenue to find her family but nobody ever came forward to claim her. They had listed her on Reno Craig’s list where somebody saw it and contacted Elke Adair, the breeder of our other Berners and a breed steward for Nevada.

Elke offered to help the people who found Anja and they eventually decided to turn her over to Elke for placement. I think Elke knew what my heart needed.  Nothing can fill the three Berner sized holes left in our lives by the loss to cancer of our rescue Moritz in 2007 followed by, Willie and Heidi in 2008.  But Anja has surely helped to soften the jagged edges.

We obviously know very little about her. My vet thinks she could be around 5 years old. She has a tattoo and we’ve tried to track down the origins of that but have come up empty there too.  Anja is a complete sweetheart with family and has fit in well with our two remaining Berner boys, Monet and Panda and also with our cat, Alonzo.  We are working on some distrust of strangers and some situations that seem to cause her anxiety but, even though she has been with us less than 3 weeks, Anja already seems to have settled right in to our routines and activities.

Joe and Carol Ganz
Washoe Valley, NV
Anja’s Berner-Garde number: 64725