Hawes - Bosley & Bernie - Dallas, TX

Bosley and Bernie Hawes

Bosley Tickles Me Pink, CGC  (5 yrs. old)
B-G #25308

BARC’s I’m No Saint, CGC  (4 yrs. old)
B-G #20345

My boyz are the delight of my heart.  Each new day finds my heart learning how to expand more as I grow to treasure and adore them more.  These dear souls are our first berner boyz, but they will not be our last.

Bosley (wide white facial blaze) was born December 28, 2003 on a “puppy farm” in Oklahoma.  As very young pups, he and his 5 brothers were being sold at auction to the highest bidder.  Thankfully, BARC was at that auction, and was able to deliver not only Bosley, but also all 5 of his siblings to freedom, safety, and the loving arms of newly adoptive families.  Bosley has become my “steady big man”, my “rock”– the one I count on to watch over us and protect us while yet retaining his gentleness of spirit that is like no other!  Bosley knows I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of him, and he lets me know, daily, that he will do the same for me.  He can be a touch reserved around folks he doesn’t know, but he’s come so far and grown so much–even in just this last year–that I am constantly amazed.  His confidence continues to blossom as he shows my husband and me new parts of his personality.  We adore watching him become all that he was meant to be, finding his true “berner-essence”.

Bernie (narrow facial blaze), our 2nd BARC boy, was born on November 7, 2004 in a puppy mill in Arizona.  He was shipped by Hunte Corp, at just 7 weeks of age, to New York State and incarcerated in a pet shop.  He remained imprisoned there until he was 5 months old.  Some local berner lovers were able to secure his release and foster him until he could be adopted out through BARC.

He arrived in Texas on May 29, 2005 at almost 7 months of age.  He is our “love-starved boy”, who always seeks out attention as though he never gets any!!  He does the berner lean, the berner sit, the berner head-butt…anything to get you to pay attention to him!!   He is a precious boy while, at the same time, he’s a bonafied goober!!  He has such a serious face, yet when it’s dinnertime or when I get home from work, he bounces around like a bucking bronc.  He is always acting without thinking, which, for a 130 lb. big boy who moves awkwardly due to his long incarceration as a pup, isn’t always a good idea!!  But does Bernie care???  Heck, NO!!  One of my favorite photos of him is him plopped down in the middle of a bunch of mud and yuck in the bed of a river, looking up at us, pleased as punch with himself!!  (See that photo and more at the site listed below.)  Gotta love that boy!!

While Bosley is our “protector”, I’ve always said that if the thieves would talk nice to Bernie, he’d help them carry out our sofa and load it into their truck!!  So while there truly is a vast difference in their personalities, my boyz have always gotten along beautifully, and they each have unique characteristics that endear them to our hearts.  Bosley is my serious “big man” with such a gentle spirit & watchful countenance, while Bernie is my goofy, sweet, yet impulsive boy who needs to always be taken care of—my “perpetual 2 year old” who keeps us laughing.  Without a doubt, they are the lights of my life!  And I know my hubby’s plenty crazy about them too!

See more photos at: http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k129/BARCINC/Bosley%20and%20Bernie/

Rick & Lisa Hawes
Dallas, TX