Jan - Hiker - Draper, UT


Annette Jan
Draper, UT

Hiker Jan-Chapter I (BG# 56397)

Our beautiful boy, Hiker, joined our family in July 2004.  He was a rescue that was taken in by MaryAnn Bowman.  He came to her from a shelter in another county after someone recognized him as a purebred BMD.

A few months prior, we decided that this was a perfect time to have a dog join our family.  We started researching which breed would fit our lifestyle and accommodate our then young  daughter.  We love outdoor activities, especially winter activities.  It became clear that a Berner would be the perfect dog for our family.

The next struggle was how to get the Berner.  My husband was talking about getting on a waiting list for puppies but I really wanted to adopt a rescue.  We did not know that rescuing a Berner was an option.  My husband then found the BMDCA site and made contact with someone locally.  It was MaryAnn and she let us know that an adult male was needing a home.  The catch was that another family had already expressed interest in Hiker (Cy Young).  We were leaving for a vacation and it was suggested we call when we return.  We called upon our return and Hiker was still available!

We met with MaryAnn and Hiker on July 3, 2004.   Hiker, ever true to his style, ambled out with his head swinging.  MaryAnn suggested we take Hiker home with us and see if would work out.  Work out?  We were in love the minute we laid eyes on Hiker.  We took him home and let him explore the house. Hiker confirmed this was his new house by marking the wall downstairs.  We had a BBQ on July 4th and made a family decision that Hiker was ours.

Hiker has been a great part of our family.  He’s a sweet, talkative boy who makes a great foot rest.  Hiker is probably ~ eight years old and it starting to show his age a bit.  He’s still full of energy but he likes taking it easy when he can.  We have the cleanest toes in town thanks to Hiker’s keen need to keep his human’s toes clean.  Although summers are hot here, it is naked toe time in Hiker’s mind–his special pawdicure service.

Hiker scared us when he bloated in April 08 and under went emergency surgery.  We were all so thankful when we brought him home and I made Hiker promise “no more stunts that scare the beegeebies out of us.”

So, given how incredible Hiker is . . . wouldn’t it be great to get another?  See Chapter II-Spencer