Jan - Spencer - Draper, UT

Spencer Jan–Chapter II (BG# 56407)

So, our first Berner, Hiker is a fantastic member of our family.  We clearly needed another one to keep Hiker from being belly-rubbed to death.  Off we go on the search for another Berner.  My husband started calling around to other regional BMD clubs and found a boy in Colorado with the Rocky Mountain club.

We got in touch with the rescue coordinator, Patti who put us in touch with his foster parents-Bill and Linda.  We talked with them and realized he was going to be our next family member.  Our application was approved and we were excited!  In September 2005, my daughter and I zipped over to Colorado to pick up our new boy.

Spencer was a rescue from Texas, brought to Colorado by the club in hopes that he could be more readily adopted.  He was underweight, had raw spots on his leg and his coat was dry and brittle.  Spencer’s health and condition were already improving given the great care and loved provided by Bill and Linda.

Spencer started out his new life as a scrawny 70 lb, scared boy.  He’s now almost 89 lbs with a coat to die for.  He has this white furry chest that yells out “put bling on me!”  Some of our little neighbors have mentioned that Spencer looks like he’s wearing a Santa’s beard.  He is the most affectionate dog!  Our sweet Spencer taught us how to “hug”–both sitting and standing.  We’re guessing Spencer is around 5 years young.

We are so lucky to have Spencer because we have magpies who have the nerve to land in our backyard.  Spencer boldly chases the magpies away, keeping us safe from the magpies.  Additionally, he is an extraordinarily talented snorer.

Three humans, two Berners–clearly our family is not in balance.  The saga continues.  See Chapter III-Lola