Jan -Lola - Draper, UT

BARC’s Lola Jan–Chapter III (BG# 56399)

So, our first Berner, Hiker is perfect so we bring in a second Berner, Spencer.  Both are loved beyond measure but one human is always left out.  The solution is simple–must have another Berner.   Thank goodness for the internet because that’s where I found BARC.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found BARC.  Here was a group who’s sole mission was to rescue Berners and find forever homes for these most vulnerable babies.

When I first found BARC (www. barcinc.net), there was a litter of puppies for adoption.  By the time I put in our adoption application, all the puppies were spoken for.  However, we were told that there were 3 puppies not yet listed that were available.  Amy sent us pictures of the three puppies.  We picked Lola because she had freckles/gravy stains like Hiker.  Little did I recognize that her mischievous little eyes would be a distinct part of her personality.  I thought she just had presence in front of the camera.   We thought a puppy would be fun since Hiker and Spencer were mature(it’s a relative description!) young men when they became a part of our family.

Our precious puppy flew from Kansas to Utah in October 2006.  What a brave little girl to have made two life altering journeys in her few months of life–first from the puppy mill, then to our home.  Lola was a complete surprise to our daughter–I told her we were going to the airport to pick up a friend.  While in the cargo area, my daughter looks out the door and sees several crates holding dogs.  She say to me “look, that one looks like a Berner.”  Startled, I look and say “that’s not a Berner, that’s a sheepdog.”  The look I received from my daughter was priceless in her recognition that her mother was probably the dumbest person in the world.   After that auspicious moment, we were led out to the crates, I opened up Lola’s crate, put a leash on Lola and told my daughter to welcome her new puppy!

Lola is our top dog–she rules her brothers with a stern look.  While on walks, if one of the boys strays too far, all you need to do is ask Lola to get her brother and off she goes to round’em up.  She’s wicked smart and quick on her dainty feet.  She strikes fear into the hearts of the magpies that swoop over and into our yard.  If they land in her presence, I cannot guarantee their safety.



We are forever grateful to BARC and everyone else who has played a role in bringing Hiker, Spencer and Lola into our lives.

At nights when it’s quite and the pups are snoozing, I look at Lola and am so very grateful that she is no longer subject to the horrors of a puppy mill.  I look at Spencer and cringe thinking of him, alone, in a cage.  He’s the most scared of our pups and will let you know in his eyes when he needs to move to his special place in the house.  He breaks my heart when he gets that look in his eyes.  I look at Hiker and am saddened and angered to think he was days from being put down in the shelter.

However, we are the beneficiaries of the world’s three best dogs and we do our daily best to  remind them that we love them so very much.  We are lucky to be their trusted humans.