Johnson - Dani - Milton, WI

Daniela NA Obraze-“Dani”
Bernergarde #22600
Born 2/9/02-Adopted August 2008
Patti & Greg Johnson

Dani came from an Amish puppy mill in Iowa.  On March 8, 2008 I drove to Iowa and picked up Dani and three other Berners that the miller had turned over to BARC because he had no use for them anymore.  One by one he brought them out of the barn and we loaded them into the truck.  Dani didn’t walk, she “slunk”, due to being so frightened and shy.  Down the road I went with my precious cargo.  I held back my emotions as long as I could but once I got out on the main highway, I pulled over and sobbed.  All four dogs were covered in mud, feces and absolutely smelled beyond description.  After delivering the other three to their foster moms, Dani came home with me.  We had agreed to foster her.

Our first order of business was to give Dani a bath the next morning.  The stench in our house that came from her was overwhelming.  Once we got her bathed she looked much better but we soon realized a part of the smell was coming from her mouth.  Her teeth were so badly rotted that many of them were black!  We took her to the vet the following day and the first order of business was to get her teeth cleaned, the rottens one pulled and put on antibiotics to clear up the infection she had.

Anything and everything scared Dani…turning on a light switch, the sound of the refrigerator door opening, the microwave, the telephone, the television, opening a can of soda, the ceiling fan…any noise or movement.  Any time you would walk near her she would get up and leave.  She would never be in the same room with us, always choosing to be just outside the room where she could watch but not be too close.  She would turn her head and look away if you looked at her.  It was obvious, she did not trust humans.

It’s been almost a year since Dani has joined our family.  We realized that Dani had found her forever home and that she belonged with us so we adopted her in August of 2008. Many of the things that frightened her to death no longer scare her, but she has a long way to go.  She’s learned to trust us.  We get “propeller tail” upon waking in the morning and when we come home from work.  She will even squirm her way between my legs in order to get extra attention.  She no longer hangs her head and tail when we go for walks, instead walks with head held high, nudging my hand from time to time looking to be petted and her tail never quits.  With the help of her two adopted BARC siblings Eddie and Dolly, a lot of advice and guidance from others, Dani is slowly unpacking all the baggage that came with her after having spent 6 long years at the puppy mill.  I suspect it will be a life-long process for her, but that’s ok.  We have all the time in the world for her.