Kennedy - Graci - Denver, CO

Hello, my name is Ashflat Princess Graci.  My friends call me “Graci”. Please note however, that I am a Princess.  On June 28, 2008, I was rescued by BARC (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition). I was living in Oklahoma, in a puppy mill. I was taken by U-Haul van along with twelve other Berners to Iowa. I then took a trip to the Chicago area where I lived in a foster home.   I was adopted into my forever home and took another trip from Chicago via Nebraska to Colorado. We spent a night on the road in a motel.  I now live in Denver.

I have a Berner brother named Murrey, a cattle dog sister Mikah and a very lazy calico kitty named Callie. By the way, Murrey’s birth date is 4/1/06 and mine is 4/8/06 our birthday’s are exactly one week to the day apart! This makes it easier on my mommy to plan our birthday parties.

I love to walk and go on adventures with Murrey.  We take long beautiful hikes in the mountains and go to various parks and lakes. My brother is a swimmer; I am not sure if I like that sport yet.  I do love the snow and making berner snow angels. Best of all, our grandmother “granny” stays home with us kids all day and does whatever we ask her to do!

I have a passion for learning. I have graduated from Junior Beginner and Beginner lessons. I also have a personal trainer named Angie Hansen who takes great pride in teaching me and mommy games!  She really understands me.  I learn a lot from her! Someday I hope to compete in Rally and Agility.

I wish to thank Karen Thompson and her sister for coming to get all twelve of us!  Patti Johnson for the hours she spent on the phone with my mommy to ensure I got the right forever home. She also transported me twice across country to my foster and forever homes. I loved my foster home; it had two precious little girls Eden and Mia and three dogs, Fernando, Louise, and Gaby. My foster mommy, Michelle Fruge was the BEST! I had to have some surgery and she nursed me back to health and took such good care of me. She also taught me how to walk on a leash.  It was so funny to see the looks people gave us on our walks with two kids and four dogs!

What I have learned thus far is that Princesses do not ride in U-haul vans. I prefer my Bernermobile mini van with my own personal crate.  I prefer hotels to motels. I also like the private lesson over the group thing!

I wish to thank you dad for understanding that sometimes men scare me and for driving all the way from Nebraska to Denver with me and mommy in the back seat of the car bonding.

Life is good!
With Love and Gratitude,
Princess Graci Kennedy
Berner-Garde 32111