Moran - Lucas - Pittsburgh, PA

Rescue Berner – Home Sweet Home Lucas, CGC
Three Rivers Bernese Mountain Dog Club Rescue
Owners – Kim and Jeff Moran (and Berner brother Linus), Pittsburgh, PA

In August of 2001 we adopted our first Berner, Linus.  It didn’t take long to realize we wanted to adopt another.  When I received the December 2003 edition of The Alpenhorn, it started me thinking about adopting a rescue.  I was taken by the stories of the rescues and thought I would love to help one of these dogs.  A few more months past when I received an email sent by our club’s Rescue Chair that she had an 11-month-old boy who needed a home.  His first owner became ill and could not take care of him so she gave him to a family who had a Berner boy the same age.  Well, Dave, as he was formerly named, was too much for them to handle so they gave him up to the TRBMDC Rescue.  His description in the email I received said that he was a ‘very exuberant boy’.

When we met Dave, we fell in love immediately.  The name “Dave” just didn’t seem to fit him, so we changed his name to Lucas.  He has been a great joy to us.  His exuberance is one of his greatest assets.  Lucas is full of life, loves everyone and every animal he meets, and just loves to entertain and have fun.  He and Linus have become best buddies.  Lucas just needed time, love and attention to be the wonderful Berner that he is.

And if adding a wonderful new member to our family was not enough, at the Specialty in Frankenmuth, Michigan, we found out through the Berner Garde Foundation data base that Linus and Lucas are most likely real brothers!  We did not have any papers on Lucas, but knew the kennel he had come from (which is where we had adopted Linus) and his birth date.  According to the database, Linus and Lucas had the same parents!  No wonder they get along so well!

Lucas has brought so much joy into our lives.  He has reached his forever home with us.

AKC DNA Profile #V446800
Berner-Garde Foundation #30784

February 2009 Update:
Lucas is now 6 years old and thankfully is still healthy and happy.  Lucas is the sweetest boy and has become my constant shadow.  His favorite things in life are belly rubs, attention and rolling in the snow.  I am so blessed to have him in my life now and hopefully for many more years.