Nielsen - Jesse - Honolulu, HI

BARCs Moonshadow Jessebelle, Jesse, BG# 26574, Honolulu, HI

It was a cold rainy slushy January night on the tarmac at Logan airport. The plane was late, 2 hours late. I had everything ready for her arrival, a new bed, a shiny new bowl, the right food - even a spiffy new collar and leash ensemble. The purple heart tag read BARCs Moonshadow Jessebelle (BG# 26574), “Jesse” and my phone number. I knew she was shy of people, especially men so I went to get her alone. Finally the guy at the cargo desk called my name. I was so excited I was shaking. I signed my name and he lead me into the holding area. There were two kennels in the room, one little and one big. I knew she was there. She stuck her nose through the kennel door and squealed. I was so excited I forgot I wasn’t supposed to let her out and I opened the door. She bounded out and into my arms, climbing on top of me and licking my face. I got her and her flight kennel into the car. We drove home with Jesse snoozing on my lap - she refused to go back in her kennel. When we got home we found out Jesse had no idea how to go up or down stairs and I lived on the second floor of a Victorian! I tried to have her sleep in her kennel, she decided my bed was a better fit.

And so began a family I could never have imagined. We have both learned so much about life together. Jesse learned to walk up and down stairs. I learned that not all men are bad, in fact she choose my husband by jumping into his lap the first time she met him. Jesse learned that stuffed lobsters make good toys and that toys can be fun. I learned that berner fur can indeed get into uncracked eggs. Jesse learned that babies taste sweet even when they are pulling on your lip and poking you in the eye. I learned that there is so much more to berners than just the doggie, they come with a whole world of friends. We trust each other implicitly in everything. She is my heart and I am her pillow.


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