Paige - Hendrix - Durham, NC

Blue Ridge Rescue Hendrix
Born 12/26/2004 – Rescued and Adopted 9/14/2008
Berner Garde #63409

Hendrix was surrendered to the Blue Ridge club in September 2008 because he was a periodic biter throughout the five years the young owners had him. From the information provided, it could be explained by owner inexperience or it could be the dog. As we have discovered, Hendrix is a complicated dog with medical and behavioral issues. He’s a puzzle and we are still trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together.

We arrived to pick him up and he stood on the porch and barked at us like he really meant it, but it also seemed to be out of fear. As we talked to the wife, he quickly came down to us and gave a Berner sit on my feet. Within five minutes we noticed his dilated eyes which we attributed to stress. In petting him we found an ear hematoma which the owners didn’t seem to know about.

On our way home he was very affectionate and rode well in the van. We thought, “Was this guy just misunderstood, or does he have a mean streak?” When we introduced him to our dogs, everyone got along fine and he seemed glad to be part of a new home where the dogs are the focus of the house.

We had his ear hematoma treated and he let me medicate him without incident. But his eyes were always dilated. The vet agreed his eyesight is impaired, so we added that to the list of factors affecting his behavior.

He settled in with us and our three dogs and was enjoying life. He would jump in bed for his morning hugs when the others were outside and he was a very affectionate guy. After a couple of months, we had him temperament tested so I could assure potential adopters that he was fine. But I saw it with my own eyes that he did not pass.

So with that test Hendrix became unadoptable and we gained another dog.

To this day we have not had any issues with him, and we hope we now know the warning signs and can help him avoid feeling the need to bite. He has some health issues, such as allergies and neurological problems, so we will continue to help him in any way we can.

As all rescue dogs do, Hendrix has enriched our lives and taught us many new things and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Carolyn & Don Paige
Rescue Coordinator – Blue Ridge Bernese Mt Dog Club
Durham, NC