Pajot - Koko - Junction City, OR

Koko’s Story
BMDCGS’s Kokopelli
AKC #PAL201801
Berner-Garde #29927
Laura Pajot, Junction City, Oregon

This is a story about a young Berner. Koko was rescued by the Seattle BMD club and we adopted her in July 2006 when she was around 11 months old. Sadly the story below ended for us on October 21, 2008. Even though she didn’t make it to the Specialty this year. I wanted to share her story with you all.

Koko had a number of genetic problems the worst of which were her malformed kidneys. While in her foster home she was diagnosed with kidney failure and kidney dysplasia. The vets gave her maybe a year to live.

Even though the club wasn’t sure anyone would adopt her, we couldn’t resist her. She was shy of strangers, but warmed up to us almost immediately that fateful afternoon. It was fate that brought her to us, I believe. She needed us and we needed her, especially me.
In the 2 years that she shared our lives, she added so much to our world. She brought joy and laughter to everyone she met, especially me.
With the help of great vets and my research we got her on a great diet and medications. She grew taller and filled out, growing into those huge paws.  She bounced around, so enthusiastic for everything.
Whenever I called her she would race to me. But not by running like most dogs. No, my sweet girl would gallop back to me by almost leaping into the air with her front legs. All I saw was this smiling Berner face racing towards me with her front paws bouncing high in front of her. One of my only regrets was never getting a picture of her running to me.

I will never forget one day in dog class. She did her normal enthusiastic paws bouncing race back to me on recall. Everyone laughed and she thought she was the best dog in the world.  The instructor went on to the next dog. When the owner called the dog, it trotted slowly back to it’s owner. The trainer piped up and said, “well, not all dogs are drama queens like Koko.”  Koko was just SOOO happy all the time. She didn’t have time to waste, she had to get to me NOW!!
Koko was there for me through many health difficulties, surgeries, and disability. And I was there for her and her difficulties too. She fit neatly in my heart and my life.  She kept my spirits up. She was so happy!
Koko’s kidneys slowly deteriorated. She bounced and played when she had the energy. I loved on her at every opportunity. But we knew the end was coming.
Koko didn’t make it much past her 3rd birthday. Her kidneys declined too far and we had to let her go. But she proved the vets prognosis of only a year wrong.
Some people think we were batty to adopt a disabled dog knowing her life would be so short. But I do not and will never regret letting her into my heart and our lives.
I will never forget you, Koko. You were with us for only 2+ years, and yet it felt like a lifetime of many years. Full of wonder and fun, cuddles and Berner Leans. She gave us so much and all she wanted was love, lots of hugs, and belly rubs. I would trade many years for the two with Koko.

Her trust was incredible. Her love unending. Her enthusiasm for life was unquenchable. Always cheerful and caring. Always ready to prance so proud, or race to me with those huge front feet leaping into the air.

Koko, You will be in my heart forever. You are my miracle girl!