Salbenblatt - Lacy - Flushing, MI

Berner-Garde #44853

Lacy is believed to be between 8 and 10 yrs old and lives with Bill and Roz Salbenblatt in Flushing, Michigan. Here is Lacy’s story.

Lacy had been part of a Puppy Mill and was very ill and underweight when she was originally rescued. She weighed 36 lbs. The first vet to see her felt she wouldn’t survive the night. After almost a year with that rescuer the family decided they couldn’t keep her. They gave her to Bruce and Linda Whiteside. She still had health issues to be addressed before she could be re-homed. Bill and Roz went down to Bruce and Linda’s on March 19th 2007 to meet Lacy. They had been thinking about getting a rescue. They felt all the rescues that they had gotten to know since being in the HMBMDC were really great dogs.

Lacy had a bed in the living room where she liked to watch what was going on in the house. That is where Bill put himself, at her level to give her lots of scratches and hugs. She just soaked it all in. Then she went and sat next to Roz for some more loving. She was such a sweetheart they thought she would fit nicely in their family of two berners.

Since going to her forever home, Lacy is still coming out of her shell. She is a quiet type and still likes to be in her safe places. She is learning it is ok to seek attention, not just wait for it to be offered. She also learned that going bye-bye was a good thing, that didn’t take too long. Now when the leashes come out she is the first to get hooked up and first to the door looking at you as if to say “Come on let’s go!” She has the biggest smile on her face and her tail goes a mile a minute. She loves to go up north to their cabin and go for walks. She likes to go for rides on the pontoon with Sadie and Maggie.

She accepts, sometimes even seeks, attention from new people she meets. She bounces around in the yard like a puppy at times. Lately she is playing more and more in the yard with Sadie and Maggie. Bill and Roz are still waiting for their first kiss from her. She has been close to it but not quite yet. After all she came from a Puppy Mill and never had the human factor in her life before, it will all come with time. Lacy is content to have the chance to be a dog, not a puppy factory, and have a loving home and family to spend the rest of her days with.

If you want to do something for our great breed, take in a rescue. It is the greatest feeling in the world to look into their eyes and see the love they have for you and know that they can feel the love too.