Thompson -Bo - Elkhorn, NE

Bo – Karen and Steve Thompson – Elkhorn, Nebraska

BARC’s Mr. Bo Jangles
AKC #WR07037504
Berner-Garde #30779
Born 05/28/2002, Adopted 07/23/2006

Gina was having some adjustment issues after we adopted her.  She was tentative with people, insecure outside of the house, etc…  One day, a light bulb went off, and it occurred to us that we had this puppy mill rescue, who was used to being around dogs but not people, and we’d stuck her in a house with people but no other dogs.

We contacted Amy Kessler from BARC and asked lots of questions about adopting a companion for Gina.  She told us that she had a newly rescued male Berner at her house who she thought would be a good fit for us.  We drove Gina down to meet Bo and they got along well, so we brought him home.  The change in Gina was instant and miraculous.  Bo gave her the courage that she had been lacking and she was willing to approach people and demand their attention and learned to enjoy walks.

Bo is a sweet, gentle soul.  Like most puppy mill rescues, he has his idiosyncrasies.  He absolutely hates cameras; bring one out and he vanishes from sight.  He has a “thing” about water and will stand and bravely bark at the water bowl to tell it that HE is the boss.

Bo is tolerant of all fosters and rescues that come through our house.  He’s always a good host and shows the boys where to mark in the house so that it’s not discovered right away (that way nobody can be reprimanded because the culprit is unknown).

We’d have to say, that though Bo enjoys walks, car rides, being outside in the howling winter winds, etc… his favorite thing to do is to lie on the couch.  He’s not at all shy about lying on his back and exposing himself to all who can see him.  What we really enjoy is when he lays this way, hangs his head over the side of the couch and starts snoring.  It’s hilarious to see his legs twitching, eyes rolling and jowls blowing in and out with each snore!

Karen and Steve Thompson
Elkhorn, NE