Thompson-Abilene - Elkhorn, NE

Abilene – Karen and Steve Thompson – Elkhorn, Nebraska

Dream’s Abilene
AKC #WR05377404
Berner-Garde #18857
Born 12/01/2001, Adopted 11/17/2007

I found Abilene when I was researching Gina’s litters in Berner-Garde.  There was a link to the breeder who owned her so I contacted them to see how Abilene was doing.  Within a few months, they decided to get out of the Berner business and I made a deal with them to buy Abilene.  I thought that we’d rehome her through BARC.

Within a few days of joining us, Abilene started shaking her head.  It was just the first sign of what would turn into months of trying to fight off her constant ear infections.  We suspected early in this battle, that surgery would be necessary, but we wanted to try everything we could before we took that step.

As a result of prior, untreated ear infections, the canal in Abilene’s right ear had calcified and thickened to the point that we couldn’t get medicine where it needed to go.  Surgery was eventually the last alternative for that ear.  The left ear was also damaged, but had a path through the canal that was large enough that treating with medicine was still a viable option.

After Abilene had been with us for a few weeks and got comfortable, her true personality emerged.  We discovered that she was a very “worried” dog.  She’s obsessed with knowing where everyone is and what they’re doing.  If a person, dog or cat moves, she’s up and in their face to see what they’re doing and where they’re going.  She definitely exhibits instinctive herding behaviors during these episodes.

Due to Abilene’s health and temperament issues, we decided that it would be best if she remained in our family.  And when I say “family”, I do mean family.  Abilene is Gina’s daughter.  We knew this.  What we didn’t know, but found through a later search in Berner-Garde, is that Abilene is also Bo’s paternal aunt.  Small, Berner world, isn’t it!??!!

Watch for Abilene in the Veteran’s Parade.

Karen and Steve Thompson
Elkhorn, NE