Thornton -Izzy - Oklahoma City, OK

DOB:  04-27-06

In the Fall of 2006, my husband and I helped transport 6 puppies and a 3 year old female from Durant, OK to Big Cabin, OK where Liz Caldwell from BARC met us and then she transported them on to Amy Kessler’s home. We named the puppies after the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” characters. There was one that we named Izzy, after the long-legged, beautiful model/doctor on the show. “Izzy” didn’t want to stay in the back of the SUV but wanted to stay in my lap. She quickly melted our hearts and I hated to tell her good-bye.

I would watch the BARC website on a regular basis and was pleased when all 7 of the dogs got adopted. A couple of months later Izzy was back on the website. I told my husband and he said to email Amy and tell her we will take her. Little did he know that I had already emailed Amy. The rest is history.

We drove to Kansas from Oklahoma City in January, 2007, and picked up our beloved Izzy. She has been a part of our family now for 2 years and she has clearly found her place in our home. We, lovingly, call her “our funny little brat girl”. She is hysterically funny. She demands our attention at all times. She is the ultimate “Little Princess”.

When we first got her we had problems with diarrhea and/or loose stools. Treated her for whipworms and finally found a food that firmed up her stools. She is really pretty healthy. She is now 78 pounds with a small stature. We are going to be cutting back on her food a little bit as she is getting a little hefty. We can’t tell the “Little Princess” this as I think it would hurt her feelings. We will do it without her knowing.

We thank God, every day for Mikki, Izzy and for BARC. Without BARC we would never have the joys these two dogs bring to our lives. BARC is made up of some very special people to help some very special dogs. As I always say: BARC ROCKS!!!!!!

Gary and Cheryl Thornton
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                     Berner-Garde # 42673

Izzy on the left.  Mikki on the right.