Thornton - Mikki - Oklahoma City, OK

DOB:  05-27-01

Approximately 10 and a half years ago I saw my first Bernese Mountain Dog on the TV show, “Breed All About It” on the Animal Planet. I simply fell in love with this breed. On a trip to Colorado I saw two BMD’s in person and was in Heaven. I started searching the internet and found BARC, Inc.

BARC had just rescued several BMD’s from a couple of auctions. I contacted Amy Kessler about adopting and the rest is history. There were so many dogs to choose from and I had no idea how to decide which one we would adopt. I told Amy what we were looking for and she suggested a couple of the dogs. There was one that stood out and BARC had named him “Chewy”. Chewy came to his forever home, with us, when he was 8 months old.  We drove to Kansas from Oklahoma City in January, 2002. It was cold, windy and a bit snowy.

Mikki, we named him after my father whose nickname was Micky and my father was Scandinavian so it made sense to name him Mikki, would hardly acknowledge us on the way home. He stayed in the far back of the SUV all the way home. We would stop and try to get him to drink or go to the bathroom and he would just stand there.

When we got home we introduced Mikki to our three other dogs. Mikki immediately latched on to our Golden Retriever, Casey. They are now best friends. We were very lucky in that it only took about 3 weeks for Mikki to warm up to us and since then he has been one of the loves of our lives. He still has some fears of storms and of our charcoal grill. He loves to play outside with the other dogs. He loves to lay on me, all 92 pounds of him. He loves his food and he loves to go places, especially to little BARC Bashes with his friends in Texas (we love those trips also). We love him dearly.

Mikki has been a fairly healthy dog. He initially has some bad allergies and took allergy shots for a couple of years. And he will have an episode of the “Gulps” but other than that, he is a happy, healthy, thriving boy that we love spoiling on a regular basis. Mikki and Izzy are now the best of friends. Mikki will not let Izzy or Casey, our Golden, out of his sight.

Gary and Cheryl Thornton
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                     Berner-Garde# 28731

Izzy on the left.  Mikki on the right.