Walker - Harley - Cookeville, TN

Harley Q. Walker –AKC-CGC
Berner-Garde #59285
Ken and Marty Walker

Harley Q. Walker, back again after being in training for two years. After getting over my bad beginning with sarcoptic mange and every other thing a puppy could have, I have been a very healthy dog. Of course my new family had me spayed so I wouldn’t have any unwanted puppies. Now don’t forget to read my web site below.

It did take a while for me to get over a lot of issues from being mistreated by my first owners. With the love and care from the Walkers, we made it finally. I first went to the Basic Obedience training and wow I just loved that! I met so many dogs. There were some that were much bigger than I am and some so small they were even smaller than my cat brother and sisters. Can you believe that? It was so funny no one behaved the first night; I did because Dad had already shown me how to behave. I even got the nick name of ‘Harley the Ham’. I was always being a show off. Well, I AM A BEAUTIFUL DOG. I, of course passed with flying colors.

We then went to some agility classes just for fun. It is not like we are going to compete or anything. Now you want to have fun in your life, go to some of those classes! I also have a cute teacher. I even went to an agility competition and watched and now I know how to do it all. I went back to class and showed Dad a thing or two. Then, off we went to get my AKC Canine Good Citizen. I heard Dad telling Mom dogs like me never pass this test. I showed Dad again that I could pass this test. I might have come with lots of issues but I was over them and I was going to pass this test if I had to face them all at once. I passed it paws down.

Mom is always telling me ‘If she had written a letter to God and asked Him for a dog it would have been just like me.’ I know she needs me to take care of her and I am always good with her and gentle.  She has MS so I have to be real careful when we are together. Sometimes she has to walk with a cane, and then I have to be careful that I don’t get in the way of her cane either. She is so good with me and I love her so much. We go out to eat and she always gives me a treat under the table and tells me to be a good girl because she will have more for me later. I really like it when we go out for Chinese food — yummy.

Happy tails to all, Harley Q. Walker at your service