Johnson/Webster - Dawson - Stanwood, WA

Dawson was found in a Fred Myers store parking lot about 15 years ago. For many years we didn’t have any idea what mix he might be until we came across someone familiar with Berners.  After doing some research on the breed and taking him to a couple of BMDCGS events we became quite convinced that he is a Berner mix, most probably with Border Collie.  With the grace of God, he will turn 16 years old next month.

He has spent his years enjoying the full glory of living on a horse ranch, first in Marysville, WA and for the last 7 years on 10 aces East of Stanwood, WA.  He spends his weekdays following his owner, Craig Johnson, around the farm while Craig performs the numerous chores involved with the keep of 8 to 11 horses, or riding around in the truck doing errands.  He takes naps, more and more, in the coolness under the juniper trees or in his custom built doggie double-wide.  He has spent more time traveling the West with his owner and the girl who spoils him terribly on the weekends than most seasoned travelers.  When he’s at home he spends his winter nights curled up in front of the wood stove and his summer nights in the gentle breezes of the covered porch listening to the call of the coyotes.

He has always tried very hard to help with the gathering of the horses from the fields with his very best barking but, since he has never bit a horse and, at best, will bump them on the rear with his nose, they have no fear of him.  Horses that are new to the ranch pay a little more attention to him but quickly learn that they are too valuable to be injured in any way.  Dawson does consider it his utmost duty to keep horses from leaning over fences which helps a lot in the Spring when the grass is always greener on the other side.  He even whines about the neighbor’s horses leaning on fences.  He also excelled at his one sheep herding day without any prior exposure or training.

He was always kind of standoffish with other dogs, that is until our little girl Rozet came to live with us.  She is his best buddy, has made him young again and they play for hours.  He has always had one bad hip but it has never slowed him down.

He loves everyone he meets and is known for sitting on visitor’s feet while throwing back his head for a good chin scratch.  He is very regal in his demeanor and was always almost near perfect in his behavior, until we brought Rozet home.  Somewhere along the line he decided he was her protector from other dogs and we have had to work with him to reduce those aggressive reactions.

He has taught us so much about loyalty, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and the deep bonds of real love.

Craig Johnson & Cindy Kay Webster
Stanwood WA


Dawson and his little “sister” Rozet
(who has lived with him HER whole life since we rescued her at 9 months)