Abby - Nancy Kuehn - Pittsburgh, PA

Abby, a Pet Store Rescue
Berner-Garde #53619

Nancy Kuehn, Adoptive Family, Pittsburgh, PA

Words will never truly convey the love and bond we feel for Abby in this short period of time, but, what person who has ever owned a Berner, would not understand that?

I was blessed to own a Berner for eleven years, and many shelter dogs with tragic life experiences after that, so when my husband and I met Abby in November and looked into her beautiful, huge round eyes and noted her demure stature, we knew we wanted to take her home with us and give her the love, attention and chance to fully develop into a strong and happy member of our family.

Although initially shy, with the help of our other two females, Abby has become quite the clown! From morning until night, Abby runs and plays in our one acre fenced in yard, tugs, pulls and shares all of her toys, quickly has learned many basic commands and is truly enjoying her puppy class.

She leaps onto the bed every morning, and with that characteristic Berner trait, lies on her back with arms outstretched so that we can kiss her all over, including that precious pink belly!

It is impossible to look at her without smiling; she has gained 20 pounds in two months - her coat is beautiful and growing fuller by the day. What a joy and comfort to know that her days of loneliness are long gone - Abby is a part of our family now and will be loved and cared for to the best of our ability every minute of her precious life.