Adams - Shiraz - Augusta, GA

Time to Uncork the Wine


Berner-Garde # 68175

Shiraz was whelped in a puppy mill in Colorado on March 8, 2004 and sold to a family with children in Colorado Springs where he lived with their older dog, a male Malamute.

As it happened, the family did not choose to neuter either of their male dogs, and in January 2006, somewhat predictably, the Malamute attacked Shiraz.  After breaking up the fight, the husband insisted that his wife take Shiraz to the local Humane Society.

On the way, she stopped at a self-service dog wash to wash off the blood. There she happened to meet a Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of the Rockies member who talked her into surrendering Shiraz to the BMDCR for adoption.

BMDCR Rescue placed him with us as a foster. A veterinary exam found he was underweight, suffering from entropion and had minor fight wounds, but was otherwise healthy.   Shiraz was neutered and his entropion corrected.

After healing from his surgeries, he was adopted by a family in Salt Lake City, Utah, who had previously owned a Berner.  Five weeks later, this family surrendered Shiraz back to BMDCR Rescue, claiming that Shiraz was unable to bond with the men in their family and was therefore unsuitable for their home.

Bill and I were immediately notified that another home would be sought for Shiraz, but we believed he had been through enough and asked to adopt him.  After coming back into our lives, Shiraz blossomed and began to overcome the insecurities he had developed after his rescue and failed first adoption.  Given time, appropriate attention and love, he proved he could bond well with men.

He is certainly not the best example of his breed.  Besides the now-corrected entropion, he has droopy flews and drools a lot, his rear feet turn outward, and he suffers from digestive issues and a host of inhalant allergies.  On the other hand, he is blessed with a beautiful, loving temperament and does the Berner Sit, the Berner Lean, and the Berner Bump with the best of them.  He loves belly rubs, pulling a cart and backyard agility.  He has a good nose and might consider tracking as a future profession.  He is very earnest and eager to please.

He is, however, not the brightest Berner boy.  Alas, the Brain Fairy chose not to pay him a visit.   He therefore lives life as Peter Pan – the eternal puppy.   He bounces and leaps and whirls and barks.  He joyously tackles and chews on his housemate, six-year-old Berner girl Callie.  The target of his relentless pestering, Callie, considers him to be a particularly annoying little brother and tends to deal with him accordingly, but the chastising does not appear to phase him.

We thank the BMDCR for entrusting this big, goofy boy to our care.  We love our silly, earnest, wonderful Peter Pan dog.

Registered with AKC as “Time to Uncork the Wine,” he is our very own special Shiraz.

Bill and Linda Adams
Augusta, Georgia

(Formerly Colorado Springs, Colorado)