Becca - Suzanne & EJ Deering - High Point, NC

BARC’s Moonlight Dancer Becca
Born March 23, 2003 -Adopted July 2004
BG # 44533

When Becca first joined our family in July of 2004 at the age of one and a half, she was so frightened in the house that she spent most of her time under our bed. She would come out and snuggle if you got down on the floor. Our twelve year old Socrates helped her learn how to go in and out the doors and the routine for meals. Outside, she was a different dog. She ran and danced, spinning, rolling, flip-flopping, and just thoroughly delighted in her freedom.

Unfortunately, Socrates died ten months later, and poor Becca was lost. She lost her confidence without him at her side. Socrates died the day before we left for the Specialty in Michigan, and Becca had to learn to deal with elevators and automatic doors all by herself. She did pretty well, but we decided that she needed a companion. Enter her new BIG brother Xaro in August. Becca began to grow again.

Then in September 2006 we adopted year and a half old Bruno. He added a totally new dimension to her life. After his arrival she came out from under the bed and now hangs out ON the bed. She has learned from him what toys are for, carrying them with her on long walks, shaking them, or just taking them out to her “nests” in the yard. She has learned to stand up for herself when he teases her
and, in fact, frequently initiates the chase and can easily outrun
him with a huge grin on her face.

In the past several months she has come out of the bedroom to
the dining room while we’re eating, even doing the Berner bump
for samples, and then joins the boys on the floor. She has also
ventured upstairs to the office to visit, even when there
is no thunder or strong wind.

She has become a real Berner.

E J and Suzanne Deering
High Point NC