Caldwell - Hagar - Lawrence, KS

BARC’s Hagar

A few months after I had lost my beloved Sophia, I let the BARC Board know that I thought I would be ready after the ’09 Specialty for another Berner. Of course, I ended up picking up this little ball of fire in March, not May ’09. Who could resist?

We don’t know where Hagar comes from. He has no papers, no history, not much in the way of a story. He was rejected by a broker because his ear flap was damaged/torn/deformed. The “breeder” was about to dispose of him when another rescue stepped in and got him, then brought him to BARC.

Though he was a tank of a puppy, at a year old, he is still small and svelte. And fast. Very, very fast. He is slowly becoming civilized, although the Lab mix upon whose neck Hagar likes to chew might argue that.

Even when he’s being obnoxious he is so darned cute, and he can be so very sweet.
He reminds me every day that there is always the possibility of joy if we will just see it, accept it, embrace it. And his whole outlook on life is “Go for the gusto!”

Liz Calwell
Lawrence, KS