Bernie - Carolyn & Don Paige - Bahama, NC

Bernie Paige
Berner-Garde #56521

Bernie is an 18-month old rescue dog from the Blue Ridge BMD Club. He wasn’t really abused or mistreated; it just took him a few tries to find his forever home.

The first owner traded the breeder a horse for Bernie. (I hope it was a really good horse!) Bernie left this home and tried life as a stray. A nice lady found him and contacted the club rescue person. They located his owner and returned him, but the owner decided he didn’t really want him and offered to let the rescue person find a new home for him. (This guy didn’t deserve Bernie anyway).

The rescue lady found a good home for Bernie, but because he had “intestinal issues”, these people gave up after four months and returned him to the club. The rescue and foster lady is a vet and she didn’t have any issues with him, so she attributed it to stress. No wonder, being passed around back and forth during these impressionable early months would be stressful!

So how did we come to find Bernie? We knew we wanted to add another Berner to the family ever since we brought Dante home. After all, you can’t have just one, right?! But Dante needed time to feel secure and have our full attention to his emotional needs. We kept asking ourselves, “How will we know when the time is right?” And then Bernie came along.

In a matter of six short hours, I mentioned it to my husband, he said yes very quickly, (I’m still trying to figure that one out) and we were on the road to meet Bernie, sight unseen!! When it’s right, it’s right!

And he is a wonderful, goofy, lovable pup despite all the homes he has traveled through. He is having the intestinal issues with us, diagnosed as giardia and treated, and now we’re exploring food allergies. He does have many signs of stress, but they don’t’ stop him from jumping in your lap for a good dose of hugs!

He is a high energy Berner, so the large fenced pasture is perfect for him and Dante to romp and play in. Bernie is a great dog in is own right, but he has been so wonderful for Dante, too. Everyone was right about adding another Berner to bring a scared one out of their shell. Dante acts like the wise old Dad, letting Bernie steal his toys without protest. But when Bernie is distracted, Dante goes back to reclaim them.

It has been many years since we’ve had a puppy or younger dog, so we are enjoying Bernie’s antics, like pulling the toilet paper out of the bathroom and through the bedroom or fetching a sneaker and relocating it when we’re gone. But most of all we’re enjoying those uniquely Berner trails; the Berner bump, herding you where he wants you to go, and those Berner kisses.

Bernie’s travels are over. He is home.

Carolyn & Don Paige

Bahama, NC