Deering - Becca - High Point, NC

BARC’s Moonlight Dancer Becca
Born — March 23, 2004

BG #44533

We picked up Becca (age 1.5 at the time) in Nashville in July 2005.  On the way back home we spent the night in a motel.  We were astonished, once we convinced her to come in the door, when she got straight up onto the bed.  Our dogs were not allowed to do that!  It was a long time after that before we ever saw her ON a bed again.  Upon arriving home, she spent most of her time UNDER the bed.  Eventually she ventured onto the bed, and all the house rules changed.  We were so happy to see her there.

She earned the name Moonlight Dancer that first night at home.  She was rather frightened in the house, but when we went out in the moonlight before bedtime the fear just melted away.   She ran, spun, did flip flops, and ran back and forth to us for snuggles.  Her nightly dance isn’t quite so exuberant now, but she still does it.

Since that first day, Becca has learned many things about being a dog in our family.  She learned about going in and out doors and the daily routine from 12 ½ year old Socrates.  Some things she had to learn on her own, like going in and out of automatic doors and riding in elevators during the Specialty in Frankenmuth MI just a few days after Socrates died.  Other things she has learned from her BIG brother Xaro and her other brother Bruno, such as playing with stuffed toys, and chasing.  At first it was Bruno chasing her, being rather bossy.  But one day she turned on him and told him in no uncertain terms to back off.  Now they actually play together, chasing and bouncing and flip flopping.

For a long time she watched as Bruno took stuffies in his mouth, squeaked them, and shook them.  Then one day she shyly, gently picked up the smallest, about 6” star, BY THE TAG!  Slowly, she began carrying the toys outside.  She occasionally shakes them, but usually she just takes them to one of her “nests” in the yard.

Becca is the most gentle, feminine dog we have ever met.  From the way she crosses her front legs to the way she takes a treat, she is just so soft and sweet.

In May 2008 Becca had a thyroid carcinoma removed.  With special diet and lots of loving there has been no more sign of this awful disease.

We treasure each day with our Princess even more now.

E J and Suzanne Deering

High Point, NC