Deering - Bruno - High Point, NC

Bruno of Kersey Valley

Born - January 26, 2005
BG # 42666

Bruno is our entertainer with boundless energy.  He was purchased from a pet store by a young couple who went in to buy a miniature dachshund.  They had a little boy who was the same age as Bruno.  As Bruno grew they feared that he might accidentally hurt their son and Bruno was banished to the back yard.  Fortunately, when he was 1.5 they realized he needed a new home.

The young man put an ad on the internet to sell Bruno.  John and Nell Ward contacted him and offered to help find a good home for Bruno.  While he was trying to sell him, he kept telling interested people that Bruno was “real hyper.”  That scared most people off, but Nell and John met the young man and Bruno and they were able to get him to settle down quite easily.  We first agreed to foster him until we could find him a good family, but we failed as fosters.   We picked him up in late September and he quickly became a part of our family.  He has been such a positive influence on our BARC’s Becca, teaching her all about toys and playing. 

Bruno likes to pretend he’s the boss with his growly nibbles, but he really knows that Becca and Xaro are the real rulers.  Since the day he came running out of the woods and snagged the cucumber closest to the edge of the garden, he has taught Becca and Xaro the wonder of fresh vegetables.  We now have to fence the garden.  They eat everything!

In the past year Bruno has settled down enough to become just the most delightful Berner. He has graduated to herding our 2 year old grandson when he threatens to wander off.  Bruno’s perpetual silly grin and the intensity with which he looks you in the eye make him such a special Berner.

E J and Suzanne Deering

High Point NC