Fitch - Degen - Hancock, ME

BARC’s Degen
BG # 56266
DOB 7/1/07

There are many words to describe Degen. Mischevious, loving, awkward, protective, dependable and playful are just a few. He is the second dog adopted by us from BARC and they are opposites in many respects. I think part of that is due to the difference in their ages when rescued. My belief is that the younger they are rescued, the better. Not that the older dogs do not adjust, I just think they tend to carry their baggage longer, if not the rest of their lives. Anyway, this is about Degen.

Mischevious: Degen is a prankster who loves to test the limits of my patience. You can almost see him thinking about what he can do to make me laugh. If I’m trying to change a cover on the couch or sheets on a bed, he will jump right in the middle of it and give me this look. I call it giving me the “eyeball”. If you shoo him off, he will run from another angle and do it again. It is hysterical most of the time, but if I’m in a hurry, he gets the message fairly quickly to stop.

Loving: Degen will snuggle with anyone sitting next to him, bu seems to glance at me sheepishly as if to ask if it’s ok. He also sleeps on the bed every night and has to have physical contact all night.  During the day, he constantly comes to me for hugs and pats with no promise of treats. Tunnel rubs are required by him many times a day.

Awkward: His movement skills have improved some, but compared to Lindsay’s blazing speed, Degen prefers to lay in the snow or grass and watch her run around. It may have something to do with the fact that Lindsay ambushes him all the time, pulling him to the ground. He just can’t stay ahead of her. I’m always teasing him that the little girl beats him every time.

Protective: Degen thinks he has to protect his “girls”, Abby and Lindsay. Anytime our Leo Brenton tries to engage either one in play, Degen gets between them, barks and chews on Brenton.  Now Brenton is a big dog, but Degen seems oblivious to the size difference. It’s amusing to watch, but extremely LOUD and physical. Putting them outside doesn’t help, as we have tried that many times. Boys just being boys….

Dependable: Degen’s main goal in life is to be with his people, especially me. If given the opportunity to wander accidentally, he usually chooses not to. Most of the time he makes the right decision on his own. He does have separation anxiety and will destroy things in the house 50% of the time. It is usually paper type things, including books.

Together, Lindsay and Degen are very content in each other’s company. I have never regretted adopting either of them.  There is just something very fulfilling about helping a dog find contentment and joy in just being a dog.

Debby & Terry Fitch
Hancock, ME