Fitch - Lindsay - Hancock, ME

BARC’s Lindsay BG# 46834 
DOB 11/22/05

Lindsay came to live with us on December 20, 2006. She had been described to me as petite, but I was surprised how small she really was. Despite her size, she has found her voice and will stick up for herself. During playtime in the back yard, she shifts into overdrive. I’m always saying she must be part border collie, because she can run! Lindsay also has boundless energy and loves, loves, LOVES to play in the snow. You can always tell which dog she is outside, because she’s the one laying on her back, feet straight up in the air.

Lindsay has two sides: one for inside and one for outside. The inside dog is meek, shy and afraid of every noise she hears. She also is very gentle and loving.  Many times you can see her licking Degen’s head, muzzle or ears like he was her puppy. The outside Lindsay is a total opposite–she becomes this aggressive confident little spitfire.  You’d have to see it to believe it, it’s just an amazing transformation. She chases Degen and pulls him down, even if she can only reach his tail. Even Brenton, with his long legs, can not outrun her.

The best way to describe Lindsay is that she is a tri-colored Energizer bunny. I just wish she had the confidence in the house, because even after three years, she is still not comfortable with strangers. She is fine with all children, though, even meeting them for the first time. That I’m sure is due to the lack of socialization her first year. It’s really frustrating as you can’t bring that time of brain development back.

I probably shelter Lindsay too much, but I don’t want her to be in situations that overwhelm her. It’s not her fault she behaves the way she does–I’m just happy that she is content and happy living with us. So if you see Lindsay at the specialty, just say hi, but don’t be offended if she barks at you, it’s nothing personal.

Debby & Terry Fitch
Hancock, ME