Francis - Kunga - Monrovia, CA

Kunga Von Der Bergen
Berner-Garde - 70773
AKC #PAL250586
Gary Francis, Monrovia, California

Sampson’s passing was difficult to endure.  He was the first Berner to grace our home and although it was for only 2 years, they were happy and well travelled times.  But what were we to do now?  With the permission of the two Retrievers, it was time to open our hearts to rescue.

Kunga started life in Southern California and found his first home with a young student.  A Tibetan Monk bestowed his name upon him.  Kunga means, “Loved by All.”  Little is known of his early puppyhood.  By the age of 5 months, he had to look for a new home since his family was moving and was unable to bring him along. 

His second family helped him through those tough times from 5 to 13 months.  He had a great life, sharing his abode with a “Golden” older brother and 4 young children.  Times were all fun and play, but the little fur-ball was growing into a large juvenile, one in need of training and manners.  For a second time, Kunga found himself looking for a new family. Enter BMDCSC Rescue.

With renewed excitement, we trekked to El Dorado Park to meet and determine if the pack would accept him. There he was, large, frisky, and simply heart warming. At 13 months, he was already over 100 lbs.  With skeptic noses, the Goldens sniffed, analyzed, and arrived at a decision….  KUNGA CAN COME HOME!

Having experience with Sporting breeds, the new adventure of training a Working Dog was about to begin.  It was not fair to compare Kunga with his predecessor Sampson, since Sammie was adopted at the age of 8 and was a kind, gentle senior.  Kunga was simply a spirited, youngster with his own way of approaching life.  But to my surprise, he was eager to learn and quickly earned my respect and the respect of the pack.  It was fascinating to watch as the Goldens taught him where to look to watch for squirrels and the location of the “cookie jar.”

Once we mastered “the walk” and other basics, it was time for a challenge.  CGC was a snap.  The Therapy Dog Test was a breeze, even though that morsel-of-food on the ground was mighty tempting.  He is now attempting to master drafting.  Instinctive as it is, his focus sometimes wanders especially if the distraction is small and furry or large and feathery.  I guess he learned well from the retrievers. 

Kunga has been blessed with only minor heath issues.  Shortly after arrival, his entropion eyelids were corrected to prevent future eye damage - Oh how “LA” to have an eye tuck! 

Kunga’s jovial life style has brought great happiness to the family.  His enthusiastic play is a youthful tonic for his Golden brothers.   His warm greetings provide the staff and patients at the local hospital with a few minutes of joy and comfort.  We are blessed to have “Loved by All” in our lives.