Frasier - Finn - Spring Green, WI

Finn – Berner-Garde 71097

Since 1994, we have had two Berners: Minna and Nick.  Both dogs had serious genetic problems requiring surgeries, medications and lots of love and care. When Nick passed away in July 2008, we decided to take some time before getting another dog.

We started looking into Berner rescue about a year ago,  We had several contacts, but no dog seemed quite right for us and our life style.  In addition, it was hard for us at our age to take on another dog with the serious medical problems that many rescue dogs have.

Just when we were about to give up, we heard from Coleen Carroll of the Greater Twin Cities rescue.  A four-year-old neutered male needed a new home.  Finn was very good in the house, had graduated first in his obedience class and loved to take long walks every day.  His problem was dog aggression.  He would get into fights with his older brother.  His owners were looking for a new forever home where he would be a much-loved only dog. They knew how much affection he had to give to his people.

We drove to Minnesota to meet Finn on a snowy weekend.  From our first meeting, we knew that he was the dog for us.  The current owners were heartbroken to part with Finn, but wanted what was best for him.  When we were getting ready to leave their home, Finn sat on Jim’s feet and pressed his back against his leg.  We were in love. 

We took Finn home for a three-week “trial” to make sure we all got along.  The first few days were spent getting to know each other and figure out how to help him feel at home. We quickly decided to have Finn become a permanent part of our home.  We couldn’t be happier.

He is a big hit in our neighborhood, stopping to meet people of all ages during his walks and always being the perfect gentleman. He loves to ride with us doing errands.

Finn is a true companion to both of us: he sits with me every morning when I say my prayers and with Jim while he works on the computer.  His favorite place is the kitchen—he sprawls across the tile floor right in the middle of the cooking and “hoovers” up treats that fall off the counter.

Finn is also wonderful with our two grandsons — Oliver, who is 21 and has autism, and Ronan, who is 11.  Ronan was reticent of Finn at first, but now takes him for walks with his grandfather.  When Oliver comes to visit, Finn puts both paws on his shoulders to greet him — very special for Oliver.  

We stay in regular touch with Finn’s first family.  We want to make sure that they know they made the right decision to entrust him to our care.

In the “Sound of Music” Maria sings “I must have done something good” when trying to decide why she was lucky enough to meet the man of her dreams.   We feel that way about the opportunity to make Finn a forever part of our lives. 

We are especially grateful to Finn’s first family for raising such a great companion and to Coleen and her colleagues at the Greater Twin Cities Berner Rescue for their work re-homing these wonderful dogs.

Cathy & Jim Frasier
Spring Green, WI