Ganz - Anja - Washoe Valley, NV

I first entered Anja in the Rescue Gallery last year only a few weeks after she came to us so this is an update of her first year here. Anja was found on the streets of Reno, NV and with no one coming forward to claim her, she needed a home. We had lost our Berner girl Heidi a few months earlier and, while we still had two boys, we missed having a girl in the house.

With family (2 humans, two other Berners and one gray kitty) and friends, Anja has all the sweetness and charm one expects from a Berner but she also brought us some surprises.

She had a scar that the vets assumed was from spay surgery. Wrong. When she came into season we were left to wonder if she may have had a Cesarean or some other unknown surgery. A routine spay solved that problem.

Next came a severe allergic reaction. This is ongoing and includes scratching and chewing herself raw as well as periodic panting and pacing. Acupuncture, NAET, and Chinese herbs have helped a lot but she still has periodic extreme episodes. The most recent episode (on a weekend night, of course), included a high fever and found us rushing to the emergency clinic.

Anja also has a very strange gait and, off and on, some limping. X-rays revealed severe arthritis in both her right hip and right elbow. She also has a bone spur and spondylosis. At this point, we are treating with acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and adequan injections as well as Chinese herbs and Zeel for pain.

Once she gets to know you, Anja is your friend for life. But, when it comes to strangers (sometimes human but mainly canine), she is highly reactive. Another area we are working on!! Would we trade our high maintenance girl for anything? Not a chance.

Just for fun, look at the profile picture in the little inset of Anja’s photo. You can see that she has a little spray of long black hairs probably 5 inches long in the middle of an area of very short hair at the top of her white blaze. The long hairs have a tendency to stick straight up on top of her head at times. They could certainly be trimmed to match the surrounding hair but it is just too cute as is. You can also see them covered in snow, hanging just above her right eye in the larger photo.

Joe and Carol Ganz
Washoe Valley, NV
Anja’s Berner-Garde number: 64725